Kevin Dart's astronaut

Kevin Dart is one of my favorite artists, yet we haven’t had too much of a chance to feature him on /Film as he doesn’t do a ton of pop culture artwork. You might remember he did that awesome triptych set of posters for Inception which were available at IMAX screenings of the film, and also some of his beautiful early concept art paintings for Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6.

Dart has an art show at Gallery 1988 East which opens up this Friday night that I wanted to feature on the site even though it doesn’t have any direct connections to movies or television (but if you’ve watched movies like Apollo 13, The Martian or Gravity or any other space film, these are related indirectly). Kevin Dart’s Science & Nature art show will feature prints that focus “on the wonder that is space and our surroundings.” Because we’re all geeks here (right?), I thought I’d post a preview of the space and NASA inspired prints that will be available at the show. Hit the jump to see them now.

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Kevin Dart's Interstellar Posters - Interstellar IMAX Poster

Update From Editor Peter Sciretta: Paramount Pictures has released the artwork and details for Kevin Dart’s other two Interstellar posters. You can see them above side to side in the completed triptych. After the jump you can learn details about how to get the Kevin Dart Interstellar posters and see them each in high resolution.

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Kevin Dart Big Hero 6 Concept Art

We’ve previously shown you the original Big Hero 6 designs from the 1998, sketches which were made for the development of the original comic book that spawned the Disney animated movie. Today I wanted to share some of the early concept art for the Big Hero 6 animated movie created by Kevin Dart, an artist whose style I absolutely love. You may recognize his name as we’ve posted some of his art on the site in the past, and also we premiered his exclusive Interstellar poster which was available at the IMAX Friday screenings. Dart has posted some of his work on the film online, and the paintings include some development work on the San Francisco/Tokyo mash-up world of San Frantokyo, as well as early concepts of a very different looking Bay-max design more in line with the original character design sketches than the comic book source material. He also did designs for Big Hero 6 villains that didn’t end up making the final film. Hit the jump to check out the Kevin Dart Big Hero 6 concept art.

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