So far, the scariest thing about Paranormal Activity 5 may be how little anyone involved with it claims to know about it. We are talking about a movie that’s due out in just under nine months. After the jump:

  • Katie Featherston and Oren Peli talk Paranormal Activity 5
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  • Steven Spielberg says George Lucas still plans to do Indiana Jones 5
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  • Judd Apatow considers another Knocked Up spinoff, this time about the kids
  • Andy Muschietti does not think there should be a Mama 2
  • Check out a sunny set photo from Insidious Chapter 2

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It appears that a week ago, Paranormal Activity star Katie Featherston auditioned for Danny Boyle, who is currently in pre-production for 127 Hours. Boyle plans to start filming in early March, which leads me to think that he may be interested in Featherstone’s improv drama talent for the film. We know that Boyle is aiming for realism with the film, which tells the tale of mountain climber Aron Ralston — who amputated his own arm after being trapped under a boulder for five days. The film reportedly contains an hour without any dialog, and it’s mostly going to be a one-man show for James Franco.

I thought that Featherston did some surprisingly great work in Paranormal, and I could see her bringing a similar depth and believability to 127 Hours. There’s no word yet if he has chosen her for the part, but I’m wishing her well on this one.

[via Katie Featherston’s Twitter, thanks to Jimmy W. for the tip!]

Dreamworks Buys Paranormal Activity, Plans Remake


One film that’s already being touted as the next Cloverfield even more so than Cloverfield 2 is the recent Slamdance Film Festival sensation Paranormal Activity: Evidence of a Haunting. The indie, handicam-style haunted house flick, shot in a week’s time by video game designer and upstart director Oren Peli in his own house, has been purchased along with all remake rights by Dreamworks for nearly seven figures. In a stipulation that sealed the deal, Peli will direct the new theatrical version. The studio will most likely release the original film stateside on DVD; IM Global has the international rights.

We’ve got the trailer after the jump. After watching it, I have to say I’m still not convinced, but numerous reviews so far tout that it’s “the scariest flick in years.” The film centers on a couple, played by newcomers Katie Featherstone and Micah Sloat, whose house is haunted by all the tell-tale supernatural bells and whistles, so they decide to film it themselves, sometimes with a tri-pod.

Obviously, another film its drawing comparisons to is The Blair Witch Project, and all of the screaming and camera work in the trailer definitely supports that. Poltergeist is another, but one of the better haunted house pictures I’ve ever seen that might be more apt is 1981’s The Entity, which was based on true events (look it up, veddy crazy). Peli’s definitely earned himself a nice success story that will play well in the press, so we’ll being hearing a lot more about this one, for sure.

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