Black Swan star Natalie Portman was hotter than hot coming out of last year’s Oscar season, a freshly minted Best Actress winner with one just-released film (No Strings Attached) and two more (Your Highness and Thor) lined up for the next few months. Since then, however, she’s been laying low, with no new projects on her upcoming slate. No, it wasn’t the supposed Oscar curse at work — Portman’s hiatus came courtesy of her son Aleph, who was born in June. (Damn kids.) Portman shot her last three films before her pregnancy, and has taken on no new roles since.

But now it appears Portman’s finally getting ready to head back to work, potentially with a movie every bit as gloriously bizarre as the one that won her the Oscar. Andy and Lana Wachowski reportedly want the actress for their upcoming Jupiter Ascending, and there’s a real possibility that Portman will accept.

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Matrix directors Andy and Lana Wachowski are currently busy shooting the David Mitchell adaptation Cloud Atlas (with co-director and co-writer Tom Twyker), but for their next project they’ll be returning to the kind of tentpole sci-fi that brought them so much success a few years ago. The siblings are set up to direct a mysterious film titled Jupiter Ascending for Warner Bros., and are currently looking to cast a big-name star for a spring start date. More details after the jump.

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What is the Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Rising’?

What is Jupiter Rising? The Wachowskis have had a few different films in development over the last few years, notably the ‘gay Iraq War romanceCN-9 / Cobalt Neural 9, and Hood, the terrible-sounding, we hope it will never happen ‘urban’ version of Robin Hood potentially starring Will Smith. The siblings seemed to settle on making an adaptation of David Mitchell’s post-modern novel Cloud Atlas with Tom Tykwer as co-writer and co-director. That project is funded and seemingly ready to go this fall in Berlin.

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