The Lifeguard

Like next year’s Veronica Mars sequel, The Lifeguard features Kristen Bell returning to her hometown and reconnecting with old pals. Unlike Veronica Mars, though, The Lifeguard‘s Leigh London is in the midst of a personal crisis that sends her regressing into adolescent behavior. That includes moving back in with her parents, resuming her high school job as a lifeguard, drinking and smoking pot like a rebellious teen, and even striking up a flirtation with an actual teen (David Lambert).

At first, Leigh’s two best friends, closeted Todd (Martin Starr) and school vice principal Mel (Mamie Gummer) are happy to tag along for the ride, but as Leigh falls into deeper trouble they find themselves dragged down with her. The first trailer for the Sundance dramedy has just hit the web, and you can watch it after the jump.

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Tophrman claims to have gotten his hands on the shooting details for this week’s filming of Rory’s First Kiss. As most everyone on the planet knows, Rory’s First Kiss is the undercover production title for the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. Of course, we are unable to confirm the authenticity of this information with the production (for obvious reasons). So be warned, these could be planted or fake, but my sources say it looks legit. A major plot spoiler is revealed, and new characters we never heard of (Reese) are included. Check out the details after the jump. Don’t read if you don’t want to know.
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