Josh Holloway Joins Fourth ‘Mission: Impossible’

We’re not trying to overwhelm you with bits and bites about the production of the fourth Mission: Impossible film; it just happens today that there have been a couple new pieces of info that were spaced just far enough apart.

In addition to the report of the film shooting soon in Dubai, we know now that Josh Holloway will be part of the cast, as a member of the Impossible Mission Force, which also counts Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner as members. Read More »


News is a little slow so far today while LA wakes up from the long Memorial Day weekend, but there are a couple of notable Marvel rumors worth commenting upon that have cropped up in the past couple days.

The first is that Marvel is in talks with Josh Holloway from Lost. Avengers News says they’ve been told that Marvel is discussing an unspecified ‘lead role’ in an equally unspecified upcoming Marvel film.  This isn’t too hard to believe — now that Holloway is free from any commitment to Lost, you’ve got to expect that he’ll be cruising for possible feature roles. But while a big role in a summer film might be attractive, will Holloway want to follow six years of being tied to Lost with a big multi-film contract with Marvel? Depends on what other offers and talks he’s a part of right now.

(Update: ComicBookFilm heard back from Holloway’s reps, who claim this is just a rumor. Big surprise!)

After the break, a report about the look of the costume for Captain America, and an entertaining fan-made rendering to help you visualize the outfit. Read More »