Welcome to another J.J. Abrams-produced mystery island show. Alcatraz was one of several new TV series premiered at San Diego Comic-Con Wednesday night, and it was by far the standout.

The series centers around a mysterious event in 1963 that made 302 Alcatraz prisoners and guards vanish without any explanation. For some reason we don’t yet know, a prisoner named Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) appears in present day Alcatraz and makes his way to San Francisco to seek payback from those who’ve done him wrong. It’s up to a spunky young police officer (Sarah Jones), assisted by a geeky Alcatraz expert (Jorge Garcia), to stop Sylvane, all the while dealing with a mysterious federal agent (Sam Neill) who clearly knows more about the Alcatraz disappearances than he lets on. Read More »

Fox has finally released photos, a long-form plot synopsis and a trailer for the upcoming JJ Abrams-produced Elizabeth Sarnoff-written (Lost, Deadwood) television series Alcatraz. The “chilling new thriller centers on America’s most infamous prison and one-time home to the nation’s most notorious murderers, rapists, kidnappers and thieves.” Find out what the show is about, see some photos, and even watch a two and a half minute trailer after the jump.

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Sam Neill Starring In J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alcatraz’

Briefly: Add one more big name to the prison roster of Alcatraz, the new show being produced by J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Elizabeth Sarnoff, who wrote the pilot and will be showrunner. Sam Neill has just joined the cast in one of the lead roles. He’ll play Emerson Hauser, “the head of a government agency who radiates authority and piercing intelligence.”

We still don’t know a lot about the show, other than it is about a cop (Sarah Jones) and some FBI agents trying to track down prisoners and guards who disappeared from the prison while it was active and reappear in the present day. Jorge Garcia (Lost) plays an Alcatraz historian/expert and Jonny Coyne (Undercovers) and Jason Butler Harner (Fringe) play prison warden Edwin James and associate warden E.B. Tiller, respectively. [Deadline]

There’s a great deal of small TV news to round up, so let’s get to it. First off comes the news that Dexter has been given a sixth season renewal. The last time the show was up for renewal was in 2008, when Showtime committed to a fourth and fifth season. E! suggested that a one-season order now is due to cast contract renegotiations that will take place before a seventh season. I never would have expected the show to run quite this long, but the numbers are improving, with this Sunday’s episode grabbing the show’s best ratings ever. So: onward to season six!

After the break, news on the surprise fate of the writing staff of The Walking Dead, the prequel movie for Burn Notice, and more casting for J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz. Read More »

Briefly: Fox recently picked up the J.J. Abrams-produced series Alcatraz, which explores the mysteries and secrets of the famous prison. Jorge Garcia (Lost) was recently cast as one significant character, an Alcatraz historian and expert, and now Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy) has nabbed the female lead. As Germain wrote not long ago, “the show will be about a group of Alcatraz prisoners who disappeared 30 years ago and reappear in modern times. The show will focus on FBI agents tasked with hunting them down to find out exactly what happened.”

Deadline says that Sarah Jones will play Rebecca Madsen, “a smart, thoughtful and a little obsessive police officer.” Alongside her, Jorge Garcia plays the “hippy geek” historian and expert. Bryan Burk and Elizabeth Sarnoff are the exec producers alongside Abrams, with the former being a regular collaborator and the latter being a significant creative force on Lost. Elizabeth Sarnoff also wrote the pilot script.

Who’s ready for a round up of TV news? Jorge Garcia, best known as Hurley from Lost, is re-teaming with Lost producers J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff to start on their mysterious Fox pilot Alcatraz and we’ve finally got some details on the plot. That same station has moved another Abrams property, Fringe, to the notorious purgatory known as Friday night. NBC’s Community is doing a fully animated Christmas episode and a sneak preview has come online and the new Showtime comedy series Episodes, about the American tendency to remake British shows, now has a trailer. Read about everything after the jump. Read More »

Weezer‘s next CD, their eigth LP, is a tribute to the ABC television series LOST. The musical group has ramed their upcoming Album “Hurley” and the album cover is simply a close-up photo of actor Jorge Garcia who plays Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the series. Hit the jump to see the CD cover.
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Watch The Entire LOST 12-Minute Epilogue

Lost Epilogue

Somehow Videogum got their hands on the entire 12 minute long LOST epilogue which will be included with the huge complete series dvd/blu-ray set. I’m stuck in New Orleans with a crappy internet connection, which means I’ll have to wait a while to see the whole thing. You don’t have to wait however. Hit the jump and watch the whole thing now embedded after the jump. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!
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More Details on the Lost Epilogue


Last month it was revealed that ABC will include a bonus 12-14 minute Lost epilogue which will answer some of the leftover questions from the series finale. We now have a few more details of what/who we will see in this extra segment, which will be released on the Lost: Complete Series DVD/Blu-Ray set. Hit the jump if you want to know.

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While the Lost series finale has already aired, the story isn’t completely over. Lost fans can look forward to a bonus 12-14 minute epilogue on the Lost Complete Series DVD set. What might it involve? Details after the jump (and yes, spoilers if you havent yet watched the finale).

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