One of the juiciest rumors currently making the rounds is that Disney is thinking of turning Tomorrowland in their theme parks into the Stark Expo. If you seen Iron Man 2, you’ll remember that the Stark Expo is a kind of Disneyland environment based on the latest technological innovations and that’s what Tomorrowland strives for at Disney’s parks. Add that to the fact that Disney now owns Marvel and it sounds like a match made in Heaven. The latest update is that this rumor does have some basis in fact but there are some major logistical hurdles, namely a lack of time. The ideal time to launch a Marvel themed section of the Disney theme parks would be next summer with The Avengers and that doesn’t seem possible.

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Here’s something for those who have wanted to see Inception nominated or awarded with more significant honors than the film has been given so far in the awards season. Sure, the top prize from the American Society of Cinematographers is essentially a technical award, but it is the technical award, and taking the prize is no small honor. Tonight Wally Pfister won the ASC Award for feature achievement for his work on Inception. Read More »