Naomie Harris and Jimmi Simpsons Join Man Who Fell to Earth TV Series Cast

Chiwetel Ejiofor has already been set to lead The Man Who Fell to Earth, a TV series adaptation of the novel and film of the same name that recently moved from Paramount+ over to Showtime. Now the cast is expanding with Skyfall actress Naomie Harris and Westworld co-star Jimmi Simpson. Find out who they’re playing below. Read More »

‘Shooter’ Finally Sets New Premiere Date

Shooter premiere

USA’s Shooter will premiere over three months after it was originally scheduled to air. After the tragic sniper shooting in Dallas, Texas, this past summer, USA postponed the pilot out of respect for the victims. The pilot got delayed a week, but another horrific shooting in Baton Rouge, La., led to Shooter being pulled from the summer schedule altogether. The show, which stars Ryan Phillippe, will now debut in November.

Below, learn the new Shooter premiere date.

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Mark Wahlberg Shooter TV show

Normally, movies that don’t make $100 million worldwide don’t get sequels. And they definitely don’t get TV shows. But Mark Wahlberg isn’t your typical actor/producer. He’s now teamed up with Paramount TV to bring his 2007 film, Shooter, to TNT as a regular series.

The film, which itself was based on the novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter, follows a decorated but retired military sniper who takes one last job. However, he’s framed for murder on the job and goes on the run. Read more about the Shooter TV show below. Read More »

‘Underworld: Awakening’ Trailer

Yep, it’s another one. Three years after the last installment, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, the vampire/werewolf film series not penned by Stephenie Meyer is back for a fourth round with the generically titled Underworld: Awakening. After sitting out most of the last entry, Kate Beckinsale has poured herself back into her skintight leather bodysuit to reprise her role as sexy vampire warrior Selene.

Upon emerging from a lengthy imprisonment in a coma-like state, Selene learns that 1) she has a teenage vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter named Eve (played by India Eisley) — the only one of her kind; and 2) vampires and Lycans are now being hunted by humans. Cue explosions, ass-kicking, many shades of blue, and all the other things we’ve come to expect from the Underworld franchise. Watch the new theatrical trailer after the jump.

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Films about global war aren’t new. Science fiction, action, drama, even comedies and horror movies have used the familiar, if intense structure to tell tales of victory and defeat. However, some of our best memories of these grand conflicts were probably made in epic battles between family and friends thanks to the Parker Brothers board game Risk. Created in the 1950s by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse, the game features players battling to take control of the world and, in 2009, Sony Pictures purchased the rights to make a film version. Now, they’ve finally taken the next step by hiring a writer to turn the incredibly broad premise into a concise screenplay: John Hlavin. Read More »

James Mangold to Direct ‘The Gunslinger’

Briefly: James Mangold‘s last film before this year’s Knight and Day was the Western remake 3:10 to Yuma, and now he’s going back to the genre with revenge thriller The Gunslinger. Warner Bros. bought John Hlavin‘s spec script in 2009, but put it into turnaround and New Regency is snapping it up, with producers set to further develop it for Mr. Mangold. There won’t be too much additional development, though, as a spring start is on the calendar.

The story is called “a contemporary Western, centering on an ex-Texas Ranger who sets out to punish the men who killed his brother.” No casting is announced at this point. [THR]

Shield Writer to Pen Fourth Underworld Film


What would it take to get you really excited for the fourth Underworld film? I’m not sure anything would do the trick for me (I wasn’t excited for the second and third by any means) but putting a really good writer on the job would help. Seeing that a writer from The Shield would be writing the picture gave me a little boost of interest. Only a little boost, though, because it isn’t series creator Shawn Ryan, but John Hlavin, who wrote a couple episodes of the final season. Read More »