If there’s one thing fans can’t get enough of on the horror-centric streaming service Shudder, it’s horror movie critic and historian Joe Bob Briggs. After nearly seventeen years since MonsterVision took its final bow on TNT, Shudder brought the horror host back into the fold for a special one-time-only event; the 26-hour horror movie marathon The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs that kicked off on July 13, 2018. It was so immensely popular that it broke the streaming app, and fans demanded more. The Last Drive-In has since turned into a regular series, including three holiday mini-marathons. Joe Bob revisits Christmas again this year, delivering a holiday themed trio of horror films to celebrate the season. On Friday the 13th, of course.

Ahead of the Christmas special, “Joe Bob’s Red Christmas,” we chatted with the horror host about how he prepares for these events, what defines holiday horror, and more.  

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