A couple days ago we posted a short film by Ridley Scott protege Carl Erik Rinsch. Titled The Gift, the futuristic action thriller tells the story of a robotic manservant who must go on the run from the Russian police. The short quickly spread around the internet (if you haven’t watch it yet, click here). In my original posting I commented that “I really wish we could see more of this world, and I’m excited to see what Rinsch might be able to do with a feature project.” Yesterday word dropped that a bidding war had begun between several big Hollywood movie studios, including Warner Bros and Fox, to turn the short film into a feature. “It’s all happening.”

I have found out some more information. Apparently the movie studios aren’t interested in Rinsch developing a feature length adaptation of his short film The Gift

They aren’t interested in developing a feature out of the short because, well, the feature film has already been developed.

That’s right, the short film is based on a feature film that Carl Erik Rinsch has already written and designed. The studios are in a bidding war over a packaged project. We even got our hands on some leaked concept art from the film. But check it out now while you still can, as I’m not sure how long it might be online! More images and information, after the jump.

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