Jimmy's Hall trailer

Jimmy’s Hall, from acclaimed director Ken Loach, begins with the story of an Irish community already feeling the tension that would shortly erupt as the Irish Civil War, and then picks up with that community a decade later, after the war divided the country. As the Jimmy’s Hall trailer shows, the focal point of the story seems innocuous: a dance hall on the edge of a rural community.

But what that hall means to people, the way that it threatens some in power, and the activism of its founder, real-world figure Jimmy Gralton, is the real core of this story. Is Jimmy’s Hall something like a version of Footloose? Perhaps, and with Ken Loach at the helm that sounds pretty alright. Read More »

Pixar Comes to the Rescue on Final Ken Loach Film


The image you see above is a custom drawing of Mike and Sully sent from Pixar editor Steve Bloom (Boundin’, La Luna, Monsters University) to noted British director Ken Loach. See, Loach is editing what he says will be his final film, and he ran into a spot of trouble. Having never gone digital, Loach still shoots film and cuts it by hand. Working on this film, he ran out of film numbering tape, which is used to catalog shots while cutting — with film disappearing from the motion picture landscape, the tape isn’t as plentiful as it once was.

Assistance, and that pleasant illustrated greeting, came from Loach’s cadre of fans on the Pixar campus. Read More »