Lonelygirl15 Returns in Blood Cell Trailer

Remember when that whole LonelyGirl5 phenomenon was the talk of the internet? Star Jessica Lee Rose decided to leave the internet series for Hollywood. But the actress has hit a streak of bad luck. First she starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in the Razzie-winning (or is it losing? I’m always confused on that one) I Know Who Killed Me. Her next film is a wrestling drama called Perfect Sport (yeah….).

And now Jessica is making her return to the internet in the new horror series Blood Cell. It basically appears to be as bad as it possibly can get, a combination of Pulse and Cellular, Julia (played by Rose), gets a late-night call from a kidnapped girlfriend. And if Julia loses the signal, than her friend will die.

Yeah, if that doesn’t sounds bad enough, check out the really bad trailer trailer after the jump.

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