jeopardy streaming on hulu

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Series: Jeopardy!

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix and Hulu

The Pitch: “This long-running game show has survived for decades, brushing off imitators, smiling along with parodies, and rarely changing its perfect format even as the entertainment landscape around it has shifted in profound ways.” “What is Jeopardy!.”

Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: I have incredible memories of sitting on the floor of my grandparents’ living room, watching Jeopardy! with them after school. To say that this long-running game show has been in the background of my entire life is not an understatement – it was on the air years before I was born and I imagine it will exist, in some capacity, long after I’ve shuffled this mortal coil. And yet, Jeopardy! isn’t just a nostalgic rush. It isn’t just something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy about my late grandmother and those lazy afternoons. Jeopardy! has been around for so long because it’s the best damn game show of all time, a no-bullshit experience that sets out to do a handful of things better than anyone else and does so five days a week.

And while I watch DVR recordings of new Jeopardy! episodes every day after work, the fact that the show is currently offering select episodes on Netflix and Hulu is an extra treat and a wonderful way to see how the show has changed (or rather, not changed) over the decades.

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coronavirus concerns

Everything, from the stock market to businesses to the fragile state of various American institutions, has taken a hit from the coronavirus epidemic, which has continued to rapidly spread throughout the world. One of the industries to take a hit is the entertainment industry, resulting in delayed movie releases, falling box office numbers, and a reshuffling of the yearly film festival schedule.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control have advised the elderly, as well as groups with underlying medical conditions, to “avoid crowds” and “stay home as much as possible” in the case of an outbreak of their communities. According to agency, the elderly are twice as likely to develop a serious disease if they catch COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. This is sending ripples throughout all industries, including the movie, stage, and even TV industries. Here is an update on how coronavirus concerns are affecting how we get our entertainment.

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the edge of seventeen

It’s pretty cold out there, so it’s a good time to stay cooped up in your home and streaming movies from the comfort of your couch. Even though it’ll warm up a bit in February, you’ll still want to spend plenty of time inside the house, so it’s good that Netflix has a new line-up of movies and TV shows coming to the streaming library next month, including some anticipated Netflix original movies and TV shows. Get a load of the TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in February 2019. Read More »

jeopardy streaming on hulu

I’ll take Jeopardy! on Hulu for $500 please, Alex. The long-running syndicated game show hosted by Alex Trebek will make its streaming debut on Hulu this week. You know what that means, all you trivia nerds: you can say goodbye to your productivity for the next month.

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NBC’s shaking things up, while its former employee Dan Harmon’s bouncing back on Adult Swim. After the jump:

  • NBC doesn’t want that Dwight Schrute spinoff The Farm after all
  • NBC decides to turn Up All Night into a multi-camera sitcom
  • Adult Swim orders Dan Harmon‘s new animated comedy to series
  • Chloë Sevigny signs up for A&E crime drama pilot Those Who Kill
  • See Conan O’Brien hanging around the Arrested Development set
  • Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are renewed through 2015-16
  • ABC gives full season orders to Scandal and The Neighbors
  • AMC decides to renew Hell on Wheels for a third season

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