Alex Karpovsky

A comedian and a folk singer go on a tour. One’s a success, the other is not, but they’re friends and, no, this isn’t the setup for a joke. It’s the plot of Folk Hero & Funny Guy, a new Kickstarter project that just went online. It’ll star Alex Karpovsky, who you know from Girls, Sleepwalk With Me and Inside Llewyn Davis as the “Funny Guy” and is written by ¬†eventual director Jeff Grace, who produced and starred in It’s A Disaster.

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Ever been the new person at a small party where there are awkward tensions and undercurrents of conflict that you’re aware of, but have no part in? That’s where the character played by David Cross finds himself in Todd Berger‘s film It’s a Disaster. Cross’s character shows up to a “couples brunch” with his new girlfriend, played by Julia Stiles.

Things are obviously weird, and they progress to a point where a lot of people would wish for just about any excuse to get out of the situation. And then the attendees find out that the party might be their last. That changes the uncomfortable scenario just a bit, as decorum and inhibitions fully dissolve.

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