Ghosts Live-Action Video Game

Back in the 1990s, there was a strange wave of video games that used live-action footage (called full-motion video) instead of traditional graphics. Using actual low resolution video footage, B-movie actors, and shoestring budget sets, the intention was to create a game that offered a little more realism than your average 32-bit cartridge game. It never really caught on, but now the executive producer and cast of Shudder’s hit horror movie Host are trying to bring it back with a new horror video game called Ghosts. And they’re going to get a little help from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to make it happen. Read More »

Prison Breakout Horror Movie

The team that brought us the horror hit Host is back at it with a great new idea. Host writer-director Rob Savage and writer-producer Jed Shepherd are teaming with Studiocanal for a horror movie that’s a cross between a prison break flick and a haunted house movie. The story follows a group of female prisoners who stage a jailbreak, only to find themselves facing off against a “dark presence.”

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