mulan live-action remake

Following in the dainty footsteps of Cinderella and Belle, Mulan will be the next Disney princess to undergo a live-action makeover. The legendary Chinese warrior made her Disney debut in a 1998 animated feature. Get all the details on the Mulan live-action movie after the jump.

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Medieval Times Movie in the Works

Medieval Times

Action figures, board games, and amusement park rides have been turned into movies with varying degrees of success in recent years. Now studio execs have hit upon another, even more unexpected source of inspiration: restaurants. Or one restaurant, anyway.

Benderspink and Broken Road are teaming to make a movie based on Medieval Times, the Middle Ages-themed chain famed for its live tournaments. Because why make an original medieval adventure when you can make a medieval adventure that already comes with brand recognition and tons of built-in cross-promotion? Hit the jump for more details.

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Ever since The Grey roared into theaters earlier this year, Joe Carnahan‘s been adding projects left and right. Even with his gritty Daredevil reboot in the scrap heap, he still has the Groundhog Day-esque Continue, the low-budget Stretch, and the Death Wish remake to keep him busy. Now he’s also making room for Undying Love, the Warner Bros. adaptation of Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman‘s romantic vampire thriller. More details after the jump.

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Atlas Entertainment co-founder Charles Roven put his weight behind such comic book adaptations as Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and it seems he’s not done with the graphic novel format yet. Roven and Atlas Entertainment colleague Alex Gartner have just acquired the movie rights to Langley High, an upcoming book conceived by Benderspink’s JC Spink and Christopher Cosmos about the teenage son of a captured CIA agent. Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman, creators of the vampire romance comic Undying Love, have been tapped to write the big-screen adaptation. More details after the jump.

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Return to House on Haunted HillAccording to Warner Bros, the direct to DVD sequel Return to House on Haunted Hill will introduce “navigational cinema” technology that will allow viewers to interact with the storyline. The High Definition release will include seven “viewer choices leading to over 90 iterations of the storyline.” What that means, we don’t exactly know. Sounds a little bit like a choose your own adventure type of thing. With these DVD sequels becoming a regular thing, the studios will need to find more gimmicks to sucker people into purchasing them.

The big news today is that Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment has signed a multiyear agreement with Warner Premiere (the Warner Bros direct to DVD label) to produce two or three films a year. the projects could encompass prequels, sequels and original titles of genre films that fit the Dark Castle brand. So far the other films being developed are:

  • Widow Whisps: An intense psychological thriller written by Darren Lemke. Jodi, a young woman haunted by fragmented memories of a childhood trauma, becomes convinced that insect-like creatures disguised in human form are stalking her with evil intent. Her psychiatrist tries to convince her that she is suffering from paranoid delusions, but when people around her start to disappear, Jodi discovers that the truth is far worse than anything she could have ever imagined.
  • Odds: a psychological suspense tale executive produced by JC Spink and Chris Bender.
  • Cheerleaders in Trouble: The most promising sounding flick of the bunch. It’s being billed as an homage to the 1980s slasher movies. There is no apparent relation to the porn series by Paragon Video (which I found by doing a google search, I swear).