The classic joke about time travel is that anyone who actually invented it would probably go back in time to change or ‘fix’ something minor and selfish, rather than doing something huge like trying to kill Hitler.

The Norwegian cartoonist who goes by the name Jason toyed with that joke by writing and drawing I Killed Adolf Hitler, a graphic novel in which an assassin is sent back in time to destroy the Fuhrer, but things go very, very wrong as Hitler manages to come forward in time, leaving the assassin to deal with his predicament.

Now the graphic novel has been optioned for a film development. This might be because the story would really make a great movie (it might) or because Jason’s clean, spare lines are often compared to the work of Tintin creator Herge, who is more fashionable in the States now than he has been in a long time. Regardless, a few more details are below. Read More »