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Surely Natalie Dormer has what it takes to be a great scream queen. Audiences may be more used to watching her strut around fantasy worlds (Game of Thrones) and sprint through science fiction dystopias (The Hunger Games), but here is an actress with all of the right ingredients for a great horror movie heroine – she’s beautiful and tough and there’s a crafty intelligence on display in many of her performances that allow you to believe that she’s not just another bimbo to add to the kill count.

It’s impossible to judge The Forest based on its new trailer, but this preview rightfully allows Dormer to shoulder the responsibility of selling this thing. “Yeah, there are jump scares and such,” this trailer says, “but the main event is getting to watch Margaery Tyrell run through the woods and try to not get killed by ghosts.” And you know what? For the doldrums of January, that may be more than enough to get us to pick up a ticket.

Watch the Forest trailer for yourself after the jump.

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The Forest

Natalie Dormer has done an impressive job navigating the dangers of Panem and Westeros, but can she handle the horrors lurking inside Aokigahara? Directed by Jason Zada, The Forest stars Dormer as a young American woman named Sara Price who enters Japan’s famous “Suicide Forest” in search of her sister, who’s mysteriously vanished.

Despite strident warnings to stay on the path, Sara goes off in her own direction (this is a horror movie, after all) and soon finds herself face-to-face with the tormented souls that live within the woods. We’re happy to debut three exclusive images from the movie, which you can check out after the jump.  Read More »

The Forest Trailer

Natalie Dormer has been a consistent highlight in many of our favorite shows and movies — including Game of ThronesElementaryThe Hunger GamesThe Tudors, etc. — but she doesn’t get to lead them as often as we’d like. It’s a refreshing change of pace, then, to see her take center stage in the first trailer for The Forest.

Directed by Jason Zada, the thriller concerns a young American woman who goes into the so-called “Suicide Forest” in Japan in search of her missing twin sister. Watch The Forest trailer after the jump. Read More »

Hunger Games Mockingjay - Cressida

Natalie Dormer is one tough cookie, as evidenced by her steely turns in Game of Thrones, The Tudors, Elementary, and the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Now she’s going to use that spirit to battle supernatural forces for David Goyer.

The British actress has just signed on for The Forest, a thriller set in Japan’s Aokigahara forest — nicknamed the “Suicide Forest” for the number of people who end their lives there. Spooky. Hit the jump for more on Natalie Dormer The Forest.

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