fargo season 4 trailer

Eyebrows were raised when Chris Rock, one of America’s most renowned comedians who rarely dips his toes into drama, was cast in Fargo. Noah Hawley’s anthological send-up of the Coen brothers’ classic had some winking humor to it, but was first and foremost a meaty drama into which character actors could sink their teeth. But the Rock-led Fargo season 4 looks to be the zaniest installment of the FX series yet. Watch the Fargo season 4 trailer below.

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New Chris Carter Show

Earlier this year Amazon posted a new round of ten pilots, offering viewers the chance to check them all out before voting on ones they liked best. Five of the pilots were aimed at kids, with the other five geared towards adults. Now four of the five “adult” shows have been ordered to series. Two are particularly notable: the new Chris Carter show The After, and Transparent, in which Jeffrey Tambor plays a father who reveals a truth about his own life, and in so doing really changes the family dynamic.

Also getting orders are Bosch, and Mozart in the Jungle. Details on each is below. Read More »