Supernatural ending

There’s some major drama brewing behind the scenes at The CW. Jensen Ackles, one of the stars of the network’s mega-hit genre series Supernatural, is developing a Supernatural prequel series called The Winchesters that he will executive produce alongside his wife, Danneel Ackles.

The problem? Jared Padalecki, who played Jensen’s character’s brother and co-starred with him for all 15 seasons of the original series, is not only not involved with the new show, but he had no idea this prequel project was in the works at all – he learned about it for the first time when the news made the rounds on Twitter. I guess the idea of “brotherly love” didn’t include giving Padalecki a heads up about this.
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Walker Texas Ranger Reboot

Because your grandma isn’t satisfied by reruns anymore, CBS is rebooting Walker, Texas Ranger.

Running for eight seasons from 1993 through 2001, the original Walker, Texas Ranger followed Chuck Norris as a member of the Texas Ranger Division, a U.S investigative law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in all of Texas, based in the capital city of Austin. Every episode found him stopping criminals like a Wild West sheriff, often with martial arts. Now Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki will step into Walker’s boots in a new iteration of the series being set up by CBS TV Studios. Read More »

Before Bryan Singer was brought on board to direct Superman Returns, McG was developing a Superman reboot titled Superman: Flyby, a screenplay written by a younger JJ Abrams. McG ended up leaving the project when Warner Bros became adamant about shooting the movie in Australia instead of New York City and Canada to save money on Budget. But I sometimes wonder what could have been when it comes to McG’s take on the Man of Steel.

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friday the 13th behind

As expected, New Line Cinema has announced that Platinum Dunes is developing a sequel to the recently released Friday the 13th remake, even despite the fact that the film suffered a horrible 80% drop in box office following opening weekend. THR is reporting that the next film is expected “to be not a sequel so much as a follow-up”.

Jason Voorhees will return as the villain, but the surviving young stars might not, while remake director Marcus Nispel most likely won’t return. The film isn’t expected to follow the story set by the original Friday the 13th sequels (which is probably a good thing). This means no Manhattan, no Jason in space, no telekinetic girls, and no copycat killers. If the project were greenlit tomorrow, the project probably wouldn’t hit theaters until Friday, August 13th 2010 at earliest.

Movie Review: Friday the 13th

I’m of the opinion that the horror/slasher movie remakes we’ve seen in recent years aren’t categorically a bad idea. Perhaps it’s because the originals aren’t terribly sacred to me but I’m actually mildly fascinated by the creative process that goes with unearthing old or foreign properties like The Hills Have Eyes or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then modernizing them by adding intricate set design & art direction, moody music-video-style lighting, and some heavily stylized filmmaking. But while some horror remakes have done all these things and also gone on to deliver thought-provoking and gut-wrenching cinema, others put in only enough effort to coast on the reputation of their predecessors. Which category does Marcus Nispel’s new Friday the 13th fall under?
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