Paramount Pictures has announced that JACKASS 3.5 will premiere exclusively on on April 1st, 2011. The movie trailer for the half-sequel is now online. Watch it now and read the full press release, after the jump.

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Jackass 3 had a huge opening weekend and has pulled in more than $150m so far. That meant that the rumored follow-up Jackass 3.5 became a sure thing. We’ve known that the film — a whole new feature-length set of stunts — would not be a theatrical release. Now Paramount has announced final plans for the release of Jackass 3.5, which will be doled out in online increments starting in March 2011 before being made available as a full digital offering and eventual VOD and DVD title. Read More »

After Jackass 3D’s record breaking opening weekend, there was talk that Jackass 3.5, a whole separate movie of stunts shot for – but cut out of – Jackass 3D, might make its way to theaters. That idea has reportedly been nixed and Jackass 3.5, featuring about an hour of new footage that couldn’t fit into the theatrical release, will hit DVD and online in January. Much like Jackass 2.5 before it, it will not be an extra on the eventual DVD release of the theatrical film but will, instead, but a totally separate movie. We’ve got more after the break. Read More »

Jackass 3.5 Headed to Theaters?

Jackass 3-D rocked box office expectations this past weekend by nearly equaling the total grosses of each of the past two Jackass films within three days of its release, and in typical Hollywood fashion, Paramount is looking at other means to capitalize on their investment. Jackass figurehead Johnny Knoxville already announced plans of a Jackass 3.5 release, which was set to hit the web and DVD a month or so after Jackass 3-D‘s theatrical run, but now it looks as though Paramount wants to take the left-over footage from the gang’s 3-D outing and repackage it for a theatrical release all its own. Read More »