Deadpool 2 villain

The rumor that Deadpool 2 cut one of its villains, played by actor Jack Kesy, is false, according to one of the sequel’s screenwriters. Rhett Reese, the co-writer of Deadpool and Deadpool 2, shut down the rumor circulating the internet with a tweet.

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Deadpool 2 may have just killed our chances of seeing one of its many supervillains. Rumor has it that a Deadpool 2 villain has been cut from the film, with actor Jack Kesy missing in action from promotional materials and test screenings.

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jack kesy deadpool 2

Deadpool got a lot of mileage out of casting a lesser-known actor as a lesser-known villain and it looks like the sequel will follow suit. Jack Kesy, whose credits include FX’s The Strain and the upcoming Baywatch, has joined the cast of the sequel as a “major villain.”

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