Dawson's Creek

In this edition of TV Bits:

  • Perry Mason changes showrunners for season 2
  • Dawson’s Creek gets its theme song restored on Netflix
  • Amazon sets the cast for its TV series adaptation of  Brian K. Vaughan’s Paper Girls
  • Josh Hartnett to star in Sky original thriller series The Fear Index
  • Infinity Train creator planned spin-off film ahead of series cancelation
  • ABC passes on Alec Baldwin/Kelsey Grammer comedy

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Infinity Train Season 4 Review

From the mind of creator Owen Dennis, the animated series Infinity Train sent its viewers on a rollicking soul-searching sci-fi ride in its star locomotive. Propelled into popularity by its 2016 pilot, the anthology animated series sent different sets of characters with their own arcs for each season — or “Book,” as the series calls them – with story credits for Lindsay Katai, Alex Horab, Madeline Queripel, and Justin Michael. And while Book Four will serve as the show’s finale with the final season arriving on HBO Max on April 15, it doesn’t quite feel like a fitting conclusion to the imaginative series. Read More »

Infinity Train Season 2 Review

Owen Dennis’s animated anthology series Infinity Train stretches as infinite as its possibilities. A new world—or restored—order infuses the adventure aboard the Infinity Train after the events of season one. The rollie spherical droid One-One (Jeremy Crutchley as Glad-One, Dennis as the Sad-One) has reclaimed his rightful place as the Conductor. 

As it went in Book One, humans who suffered a trauma like its first protagonist and are in need of life lessons are taken aboard a cryptic train of limitless cars, each housing surreal worlds and inhabitants. Humans are tattooed with a glowing number on their palm that can go up or down. Passengers must do good deeds or mature in emotional understandings to lower their score to zero and activate their exit door so they may return to the normal world as a healed or reformed person. Now that One-One has his Conductor mantle back, he has prepared his human charges instruction videos with more clear-cut guidelines, but his guide isn’t quite clear-cut for some individuals in the ecosystem. The natural order must be that the train denizens must help the human passengers, but one denizen is an individual disruptor of the idea.

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Infinity Train Review

Infinity Train is a promising Cartoon Network project that comes our way courtesy of Owen Denis, previously a writer and storyboard artist for Regular Show. You might have caught it as a hatchling in its 2016 pilot. But in 2019, it has unraveled into a 10-episode miniseries that is a must-see for animation fans.

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