In the Tall Grass Cast

Peter Cushing made a living and defined his legacy as a horror icon by “classing up” B-movie productions. He’d show up, looking and sounding like the smartest man in the room, and suddenly even the most ridiculous scenario made perfect, logical sense. If he believes it, then you believe it!

I wouldn’t have pegged Patrick Wilson as the American answer to Peter Cushing, but here we are. After lending his “intelligent everyman” qualities to the Insidious series, the Conjuring series, and Bone Tomahawk, the talented actor has joined another horror movie: Netflix’s adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill‘s short story In the Tall Grass. And man-oh-man, this movie is going to be…something else.

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in the tall grass movie

The Stephen King adaptation news can’t stop, won’t stop. Splice director Vincenzo Natali has been trying to adapt the Stephen King/Joe Hill short story In The Tall Grass into a film since 2015. Now comes word that the In The Tall Grass movie is finally moving forward, at Netflix.

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In the Tall Grass movie

We’re getting into a new age of Stephen King adaptations. The Stand and It are both being redone for the big screen, from directors Josh Boone and Cary Fukunaga — both very promising projects. And now Vincenzo Natali, who made films like Cube and Splice and is a director on Hannibal, is going to adapt In the Tall Grass, a “road movie” that turns into a nightmare, based on a story King co-authored with his son Joe Hill. Read More »