lost in space trailer

Lost In Space is about to blast off for a whole new set of adventures on Netflix. The new rebooted series updates the classic sci-fi TV series, which tells the tale of the futuristic Robinson family who find their intergalactic mission dangerously off-course. A new Lost In Space trailer awaits you below.

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ignacio serricchio lost in space reboot

Yeah, we live in a reboot culture and yeah, it can get tiresome to see properties with familiar titles revived every few years like clockwork, but I can get behind a new version of Lost in Space because the core concept is so simple and sound. One family, stranded in outer space with some allies and frenemies, must find a way to survive and complete their mission. Apply the tone you desire.

While Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot isn’t expected to arrive until 2018, it has picked up its fourth cast member in the form of Ignacio Serricchio, who will play the latest incarnation of Don West.

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