It has been a rough week for 20th Century Fox: First a huge batch of their Slumdog Millionaire DVDs get shipped without special features, then a workprint of one of their major tentpole releases gets leaked onto the internet. To that list, you can now add on one more mess: THR reported this past Tuesday that Fox was doing an about face in its agreement to co-finance the rollout of 3-D screens with theater exhibitors, refusing to pay the fees associated with the use of 3-D glasses (fees that can run over $1 million per film, in order to purchase and pass out the glasses). Now exhibitors, who have already spent millions converting their systems to display 3-D films, are pissed.

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Bootleg Ice Age 3 Movie Trailer

Ice Age 3

The movie trailer for Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs was attached to Horton Hears a Who! but has yet to find it’s way online. If you’re dying to see it, a bootleg version has shown up on the russian file sharing website RuTube. Hopefully Fox will have an official version up soon enough for those craving their Scrat fix.