Human Resources Cast

The world of Netflix’s raunchy animated series Big Mouth will soon be expanding with the spin-off Human Resources. Taking place in the world of the hormone monsters Maurice and Connie (Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph), the series will spend more time with the various creatures who guide humanity through all the stages of life, from childbirth to puberty and and even our autumn years. Since there are much more than hormone monsters hanging around, Netflix has recruited some top-tier voice talent to join the cast. Read More »

Big Mouth Spin-Off

Netflix has already given the raunchy, hormone-fueled animated comedy series Big Mouth an order for three more seasons following the third season, which debuts today. But during the show’s panels at New York Comic-Con, another expansion was announced.

Big Mouth co-creator, executive producer and star Nick Kroll announced a new spin-off series called Human Resources, which will focus on the office that employs and keeps track of the various hormone monsters that are paired off with kids during their pubescent adventures. Read More »