Hourman movie

Folks, the time is almost upon us: the moment we’ve all been waiting for since before World War II, when a certain comic book character first graced the pages of Adventure Comics #48. I’m talking, of course, about everyone’s favorite comic hero, Hourman, and the fact that Warner Bros. and DC have finally – finally – given in to the cacophonous clamoring of the populace and decided to do what they should have done years, nay, decades ago: make an Hourman movie.

Jokes aside, I’ve literally never heard of Hourman, but his superpowers sound like they might actually make for an interesting movie.
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Hourman Is the Next DC Hero to Jump to the CW


The DC TV Universe is quietly becoming much more expansive than its film universe. Arrow is currently on the air, The Flash is a potential spin-off, Commissioner Gordon will be featured in Gotham and  the dark universe will even be represented on Constantine. Now, yet another DC character is having a TV show put into development: Hourman. Read More »