The old saying goes that the greatest gift a man of considerable resources can give a friend is immortality. After basking in the intoxicating, cocksure beauty that is Inglourious Basterds, it’s clear that Quentin Tarantino has done this for his pal, the horror director Eli Roth, by casting him as Jewish-American soldier Sgt. Donny Donowitz. Proudly nicknamed The Bear Jew by his fellow Basterds, Donowitz’s preferred method of Nazi disposal involves an American baseball bat accented with the names of Jewish survivors and supporters. Minding spoilers, Donowitz is largely responsible for the most unanimous, violent act of revenge fantasy for an entire Jewish people. It’s a helluva role to have on any filmography, one sure to become storied with time; and now it’s forever on Roth’s, right above “alleged torture-porn purveyor and creator of the Hostel franchise.”
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Hostel 3 Moving Ahead Without Eli Roth

The franchise that floated “torture porn” into news offices this decade like a message in a bottle now looks to join the endless straight-to-DVD knockoffs it spawned. We’re speculating that Hostel 3 will bypass a theatrical release, but Bloody Disgusting has confirmed that early talks have started inside Lionsgate/Screen Gems to make a second sequel a reality. The series’ creator/director/spokesperson, Eli Roth, will reportedly not serve as writer or director on the sequel. We expect him to update his MySpace with an endorsement or a rant soon enough, and if so, we’ll update accordingly.

Last summer, Hostel 2 failed to reach $20 million at the domestic box office after a boatload of hype, and Roth later announced a big budget action/sci-fi film (not Cell) that remains under wraps. That news drew insta-press because of the PG-13 rating, leaving many outlets to report Roth’s detour from horror as the end of an era/”new low” for the genre.

Discuss: Interested in Hostel 3? Is there a “so bad it’s good” Hostel knock-off? Personally, I’m glad that the brightest days for hooks-and-meat DVD covers are behind us. What about you?