Ghosts Live-Action Video Game

Back in the 1990s, there was a strange wave of video games that used live-action footage (called full-motion video) instead of traditional graphics. Using actual low resolution video footage, B-movie actors, and shoestring budget sets, the intention was to create a game that offered a little more realism than your average 32-bit cartridge game. It never really caught on, but now the executive producer and cast of Shudder’s hit horror movie Host are trying to bring it back with a new horror video game called Ghosts. And they’re going to get a little help from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to make it happen. Read More »

The 15 Best Horror Movies of 2020

Best Horror Movies of 2020

The very scary year that was 2020 is now over, but we’re not quite done with it just yet. While the movie release landscape was severely changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, several great horror movies managed to find their way to audiences. Below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best to countdown the 15 Best Horror Movies of 2020.

(Note: I would’ve loved to have included Saint Maud, a movie I saw in 2019, on this list. But while Saint Maud was released in the UK in 2020, its US release date remains in limbo. Because of that, I’m not including it here – even though it’s fantastic.) 

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Prison Breakout Horror Movie

The team that brought us the horror hit Host is back at it with a great new idea. Host writer-director Rob Savage and writer-producer Jed Shepherd are teaming with Studiocanal for a horror movie that’s a cross between a prison break flick and a haunted house movie. The story follows a group of female prisoners who stage a jailbreak, only to find themselves facing off against a “dark presence.”

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Best Movies Streaming Right Now master and commander

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)

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In the new horror film Host, a group of friends convene over Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic to participate in an online seance. Evil forces are contacted. Things go wrong. Lots of screaming and terror ensues. Naturally, this meant the /Film crew had to do one thing: we had to meet up with the director, writers, and cast of Host for a real online seance. And record the whole thing so you could join in.

So now that you’ve had a chance to watch the cinematic version of an online seance gone wrong, join us as we team up with Los Angeles-based exorcist R.H. Stavis to light some candles, open our minds, and try to contact the dead over the internet. Spoiler alert: no one dies. At least not yet.

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I reckon there won’t be many good things that come out of our country’s current pandemic reality. Maybe only one good thing, if we’re honest. Luckily for horror fans, that one good thing is a terrifying Zoom-based horror movie that the Shudder streaming service commissioned and dropped rather rapidly. Rob Savage’s Host has been the talk of Horror Twitter these last few weeks, and with fantastic reason. It’ll undoubtedly be one of my favorite horror films of the year once 2020 finally releases us from its unforgiving grasp.

After the credits rolled, I knew I had to talk to Mr. Savage about his experience. He created an authentic, scream-worthy screen life horror film, but he did so while battling lockdown stipulations. How do you make a movie when no one should be within six feet of each other, let alone trapped inside flats and houses? There are seventeen-thousand reasons why Host shouldn’t work, but it does. Too well. 

Let’s dive into all the challenges that couldn’t stop Rob Savage from delivering above-and-beyond what I’m sure even Shudder expected.

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(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Movie: Host

Where You Can Stream It: Shudder

The Pitch: What if a group of friends, isolated and bored during quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, decided to hold a seance over Zoom? And what if everything went catastrophically wrong, unleashing something evil into their homes? And what if this film, from director Rob Savage, was conceived and produced during the pandemic, filmed entirely by a cast and crew working from separate locations and safely social distancing? And here’s the final what-if: what if it was actually really good?

Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: If Host was a bad movie, its making-of story would at least make it interesting. But since Host is good and scary and tense and well-acted and well-made, the fascinating story behind its production enhances an already strong film. And at 56 minutes, the film is all business, with no time wasted – Savage realizes that watching a Zoom call gone wrong is the kind of concept that is better accomplished with one foot on the gas pedal.

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