Hopper/Welles Clip

I’ll never get tired of watching cinematic legends talk about the craft of filmmaking. So you can understand my excitement for the new documentary feature Hopper/Welles, a film featuring never-before-seen footage from a 1970 meeting between rising star Dennis Hopper, hot off his breakthrough directorial debut with the New Hollywood counterculture film Easy Rider, and the legendary Orson Welles, director of classics such as Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil.

Dennis Hopper and Orson Welles came together when Hopper agreed to take a small cameo role in The Other Side of the Wind, the film Welles worked on for many years but never saw the light of day until a recent premiere at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, followed by a release on Netflix. So it’s only appropriate that Hopper/Welles is premiering in Venice this year, and we have the first clip from the movie below. Read More »