Wonder Woman 1984 Honest Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 arrived in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day, giving a nice holiday gift to fans stuck at home and a big middle finger to the future of movie theaters. But many who watched Wonder Woman 1984 felt like they got screwed too, because just like the wishes at the center of the DC Comics sequel, it came with some unsavory consequences. And as the Wonder Woman 1984 Honest Trailer illustrates, it’s not just the creepy use of a random man as a vessel for Steve Trevor to fulfill the love and lust she has for Steve Trevor. Read More »

The Shawshank Redemption Honest Trailer

The Shawshank Redemption may be a beloved drama that you’ll watch every single time it’s playing on AMC, TNT or whatever cable channel is playing it on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But as the Honest Trailer for the film from Frank Darabont reminds us, when it arrived on the big screen in September 1994, the movie only earned $16 million in its initial theatrical release. Meanwhile, Forrest Gump was in the middle of an insane 42-week theatrical run. Just like Andy Dufresne, the movie had to trek through a lot of shit on its way to redemption as an Oscar nominee. Read More »

2020 Honest Trailer

Normally the folks behind Honest Trailers are taking shots at movies new and old, but this year, they couldn’t help but take aim at the live-action adaptation of The Book of Revelation that encompasses the year 2020.

Now that we’re officially in 2021, we can maybe have a bit of a laugh about how unbearable and increasingly terrible everything was last year. Things were so bad that new post-apocalyptic movies will have their work cut out for them if they ever want to scare us with a potentially horrifying future that’s more terrifying than the present day. In case that’s not “Honest” enough for you, comedian Patton Oswalt chimes in to help send off 2020 in the same manner Warner Bros. bid farewell to movie theaters.

Watch the 2020 Honest Trailer below. Read More »

tenet spoiler review

In a cruel twist of fate, Christopher Nolan‘s latest film Tenet is about traveling backwards in time to change the future at a time when that’s exactly what we’d like to do in order to stop the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe the pandemic is the result of an evil future villain coming back to ruin the world. But honestly, we’re not sure there’s anyone out there who could easily figure out how to travel back in time in this manner to pull off some kind of complex world-ending scenario. That’s because, as the Tenet Honest Trailer succinctly puts it, this is the most Christopher Nolan movie yet, for better or worse. Read More »

Lost Honest Trailer

One of the shows that helped kick off the latest Golden Age of Television, also referred to as Peak TV, was undoubtedly J.J. Abrams‘ sci-fi mystery series Lost. What started out as a compelling survival story following an ensemble of castaways turned into a maddening mystery that started raising way too many questions for its own good. Even after all these years, the island isn’t done with us, as evidenced by all the lingering questions on the Honest Trailer for the complete series run of Lost. Spoilers abound! Read More »

A Christmas Story Honest Trailer

A Christmas Story has been playing on television so much every holiday season that even people who don’t love the movie probably have it memorized. From the slow-motion “Oh, fuuuuudge!” to the triple dog dare, this movie is chock full of quotable lines. But that has the Honest Trailer begging the question whether this holiday staple is actually a good movie or if we just like it because we know it by heart. Read More »

The New Mutants Honest Trailer

Fans have been waiting to see The New Mutants since 2018, and as we’ve all heard in the same joke over and over again, they might as well be called The Old Mutants. But that’s the quality of joke that The New Mutants is worthy of since it’s a totally lifeless limp to the end of the finish line for the X-Men franchise. In fact, as The New Mutants Honest Trailer so succinctly puts it, you’ll wish the movie was called The Suicide Squad. Read More »

National Treasure Honest Trailer

If The Da Vinci Code was too hard to follow because of all the art and nonsense, then Disney has you covered with a treasure hunt where the puzzles are easy and everything is thoroughly explained like you’re on some kind of high school field trip. National Treasure brings us Nicolas Cage in his most subtle role yet, and as the Honest Trailer reveals, there’s an even greater conspiracy at the center of this movie than a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

Watch the National Treasure Honest Trailer below. Read More »

Us Honest Trailer

After the massive success of Jordan Peele‘s directorial debut with Get Out, the anticipation was high for his follow-up. Even though Us was critically acclaimed, for some general audiences, despite the palpable tension and terror, it felt too complex to have a clear message and raised a lot of questions in the final act. How many questions? Well, the Us Honest Trailer lays a lot of them out for…us. Read More »

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The Mandalorian Honest Trailer

We’re coming up on the second season premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+, and fans are excited to see how the story of the bounty hunter named Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) will continue to play out. The show is a bright spot for fans who may have found some problems with the consistency of quality in the new trilogy created by Lucasfilm under the tutelage of The Walt Disney Company. But as The Mandalorian Honest Trailer reminds us, this story begins when the bounty hunter’s childhood is literally torn apart by the prequels. Read More »