Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Honest Trailer

Last year, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ended the Skywalker saga, not with a bang, but with a whimper. That’s because the final chapter of the Skywalker saga desperately tries to cling to whatever nostalgia is left for the original trilogy rather than delivering a satisfying, cohesive story.¬†However, as the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Honest Trailer reminds us, unless you were reading one of the supplementary books, paying attention to interviews with co-writer Chris Terrio in the weeks following the movie’s release, or playing Fortnite, you wouldn’t have heard that whimper. Read More »

Mulan Honest Trailer

Unfortunately, Disney has pushed back their live-action remake of Mulan to an unknown new release date now that movie theaters are closed all over the United States (as well as other countries around the world. But since certain corners of the internet were planning on it being released, we’re still getting the Mulan Honest Trailer for the original 1998 animated movie.

Mulan might be the only movie so far whose mere existence justifies a live-action remake. Not only did Disney smash together hundreds of years of unrelated Chinese history together for this movie, but they used a little too many Asian clich√©s. Plus, there’s a bit of a weird contrast between the comedy and musical moments and the grim death of war, especially when you realize just how many people Mulan kills with an avalanche. Read More »

xXx Honest Trailer

Do you love the film franchise where Vin Diesel loves to wear tanktops, pulls off impossible stunts, mumbles through dialogue, and surrounds himself with a multi-cultural supporting cast? Did you think we were talking about the Fast and Furious franchise? Well, think again, because that also describes the xXx franchise, or at least the first and third installments of it. In between there was that bit where Ice Cube tried to be a leading man in an action movie. Don’t worry if you missed it, because the xXx Honest Trailer covers it all and shows you everything you need to see. Read More »

Frozen 2 Honest Trailer

Frozen 2 is now the highest grossing animated movie of all-time, adding to Disney’s domination of the box office. It might have taken Walt Disney Animation six years to follow up their original animated hit, but you might be surprise to learn that you already saw this story play out at Marvel Studios in the form of Thor: Ragnarok. Don’t believe us? We’ll let the Frozen 2 Honest Trailer lay it out for you. Read More »

Terminator: Dark Fate Honest Trailer

Terminator: Dark Fate is one of many new legacy-quels taking what you loved about the best installments of a franchise, ignoring the movies that were bad, and basically rebooting the whole series by doing it all over again. Unfortunately, audiences didn’t really turn out to see this one in theaters, so we’re not likely to see how the story would have continued. But at the very least, we have the Terminator: Dark Fate Honest Trailer to remind us that this movie makes the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day completely pointless. Even so, this is easily the best Terminator sequel since then. Read More »

2020 Oscars Honest Trailers

This weekend brings the 92nd Academy Awards, honoring achievements in film from the year 2019. There are nine movies nominated for Best Picture, each bringing something different to the table. Well, they mostly bring something different to the table, even though the some of the movies share Al Pacino, Scarlett Johansson, Robert De Niro, Laura Dern, and Tracy Letts. Oh, and they also have a lot of white people dancing. And let’s not forget the strangely recurring presence of stereotypical “Cowboys and Indians.” You know what, we’ll let the 2020 Oscars Honest Trailer take over from here. Read More »

Men in Black: International Honest Trailer

What happens when you take two of the charismatic, beautiful stars of Thor: Ragnarok and team them up in Sony’s blockbuster sci-fi comedy franchise Men in Black? Turns out you get the absolute minimum amount of effort from everyone involved, and the most fun you’ll have is seeing how long you can last before you fall asleep. Watch the Men in Black: International Honest Trailer below for some more jabs at the expense of and MiB movie that’s somehow worse than Men in Black II. Read More »

Snow White and the Huntsman Honest Trailer

Because studios can’t always be shelling out money for intellectual property that they hope to turn into the next blockbuster franchise, Universal Pictures opted for the public domain fairytale of Snow White to turn into a gritty fantasy film series by way of Snow White and the Huntsman. But try as Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth might, all we got was a movie that was nowhere near being the fairest of them all. Watch the Snow White and the Huntsman Honest Trailer below to really dig into the movie. Read More »

Joker Honest Trailer

There’ no denying that Joker took pop culture by storm. It made over $1 billion at the box office, and it got plenty of people worked up before the movie even came out, so much that it probably helped advertise the movie more than the actual marketing campaign ever could. That probably says more about our society than Joker actually does, but we’ll let the Joker Honest Trailer do the riffing about this movie’s obvious themes that were taken straight from Martin Scorsese’s King of Comedy and Taxi Driver. Read More »

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Bad Boys Honest Trailer

Bad Boys for Life arrives in theaters this week, but before you see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence back in action, you can see them making the publicity rounds to promote the movie. In a little Bad Boys video round-up, we’ve got the dynamic duo attending a therapy session in character as Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, their Hollywood alter egos going shopping for some sweet kicks, and a Bad Boys Honest Trailer taking us all the way back to the start. Read More »