History of Swear Words Clip

If you’re looking to kick off 2021 by enriching your mind while also being a little indecent, then a new documentary series from Netflix about the origins of obscenities will be right up your alley.

Nicolas Cage hosts History of Swear Words, a six-episode series that dives into the history of some of the nastier words in the English language. There’s already a trailer out there painting a broad picture of what this series will entail, but a new History of Swear Words clip focuses in on a single word and how some of the show’s guest commentators feel about it. Read More »

History of Swear Words Trailer

From taking faces off to hijacking a plane filled with prisoners, Nicolas Cage has been in plenty of movies where he’s spouted off a vulgarity or two. Now the Oscar-winning actor will tell you more about obscenities than you ever wanted to know as the host of the new Netflix documentary series History of Swear Words. Cage begins the trailer for this new series in quite the epic fashion, but you’ll probably want to have the kids leave the room or put on some headphones before you watch the trailer below. Read More »

History of Swear Words Trailer

Introducing Nicolas Cage, Professor of Cursing. Cage is the host of a new Netflix comedy series calledĀ History of Swear Words, which promises to explore the amusing origins of all sorts of dirty words and cussin’. The show will feature a cavalcade of guest stars, including Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, and Isiah Whitlock Jr., who has turned uttering the word “shit” into an art form. Watch theĀ History of Swear Words trailer below.

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