Even though James Cameron used it to blockbuster critical and financial success, film fans are still divided on the issues of motion capture and 3D. Some see motion capture as the next step in an acting evolution which will eventually see the actor disappear, while others see it as an uncomfortable midpoint between animation and live-action. And the argument rages over whether or not 3D is a fad that will fade away and is nothing more than a cheap ploy to charge us a few more dollars per ticket.

This winter, Steven Spielberg, one of our most famous and revered filmmakers, will throw his hat into both of those arenas with The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. The CG, motion capture, 3D film is based on the works of Belgian writer/illustrator Hergé who created a literary empire based on his reporter/detective lead character. While we’ve seen a few images from the film, Spielberg hasn’t said too much about it because he’s busy working on two movies set to open within five days of each other. In an upcoming Los Angeles Times piece, though, he discussed his reasoning behind shooting Tintin with motion capture and more. Read More »

What will Steven Spilerberg‘s Tintin look like? The motion-capture work for his adaptation of Hergé’s classic comic character was shot last year, with Peter Jackson and WETA now working on post-production. We have yet to see a single design that shows off what the character will look like when the film appears in theaters next year.

But we can get a few ideas of what we’re likely to see based on comments Spielberg has now made about the tech used to make the film. It sounds as if his Tintin, played by Jamie Bell, won’t be a rubbery 3D CGI humanoid, but a much more direct recreation of the art style of Hergé. Read More »



According to the Daily Mail, rather accomplished 17-year-old British actor Thomas Sangster, whose credits include Love Actually, Nanny McPhee and appearances on the UK’s Doctor Who, is nearly a lock for the lead title role in the 3D motion-capture trilogy Tintin from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Kid’s last name is pretty cool and, if the rumor proves true, will compliment the oncoming fame and boatloads of dough.

Earlier this month, actor Andy Serkis, who will portray Captain Haddock in the films, dished that Spielberg’s installment will go first in September for a 2009 release, presumably followed by Jackson’s and then another sequel presumably from a top tier and still unchosen director.

Based on the decades old children’s comic created by the late, singular-named Belgian artist Hergé, the title character is a young, somewhat aloof investigative reporter whose sidekicks are an affable, liquor-loving terrier named Snowy and one very pronounced wave of a cowlick. Together they solve mysteries and avoid close calls. Tintin’s friend, Captain Haddock, is a brawny sailor with a penchant for alcohol and wisecracks.

Discuss: Anyone a fan of Sangster’s? Is this a good choice for the role and who did you envision?