Director Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan) and actor Bradley Cooper both recently saw their respective Warner Bros. projects hit the skids. The director was set to make Akira, while Cooper was going to play Lucifer in Paradise Lost.

With both of those films scuttled for now, WB may be pairing the two men on another project: Here There Be Monsters, the film written by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential) in which a disgraced British Naval Officer encounters a giant sea serpent. Read More »

Today is a big one for stories that boil down to “hey, this guy might do this movie.” (See Russell Crowe in Noah and RoboCop, and Ed Harris in Pain and Gain.) The latest along those lines is a bit more exciting, however.

Brad Bird has got to be at the top of a lot of director wishlists after the performance of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. With that movie, the animation director proved beyond a doubt that he could do thrilling live-action. (Not that there were many doubts in the first place.) While we’ve known that Bird still wants to make the San Francisco earthquake movie 1906, he’s at the point now where there must be quite a few other offers flying his way. One is Here There Be Monsters, the story of a 18th century naval office who runs across a sea monster. Read More »

Robert Zemeckis has come back to the idea of directing live-action movies in a big way, starting with a partnership with Denzel Washington on a movie called Flight. Another possible project for the director was Here There Be Monsters, a period naval tale in which real-life British naval officer John Paul Jones is depicted in a battle against a sea monster.

Zemeckis was attached to direct from Brian Helgeland‘s script, but that is no longer the case. Read More »

Since the sinking of the Robert Zemeckis mocap remake of Yellow Submarine, the director has been attached to quite a few projects, many of which are live-action. His likely next film is Flight, starring Denzel Washington as a drug-addled pilot who safely performs a seemingly heroic emergency landing, despite being under the influence during the flight. (In other words, he contributed to the emergency.) That could shoot in the fall. He’s also got possible projects The Animated American, Replay and Major Matt Mason.

Now there is one more: Here There Be Monsters, a heavily fictionalized account of the career of British naval officer John Paul Jones, who runs afoul of a sea monster. Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential) scripted, and we’ve got a few more details below. Read More »

Paul Greengrass to Direct ‘Travis McGee’?

Paul Greengrass has a pretty interesting career — he tends to flip between overtly social/political films and more pulpy material, but even his action films have a level of political awareness. Lately he’s had some trouble getting a movie made at all, with Universal passing on his MLK film Memphis, and the King estate reportedly not so much in love with the script. (The Memphis script isn’t 100% flattering towards Dr. King, and DreamWorks already has a competing project in the works.)

So it looks like it might be time to flip back to the pulp material for a moment. The film Travis McGee, based on John D. MacDonald‘s novel The Deep Blue Good-By, has been riding the development cycle for the past couple years. Oliver Stone was a possible director, and since 2009 Leonardo DiCaprio has been attached to star in what is seen as a possible franchise opener. Now Paul Greengrass is now considering making it his own. Read More »