The Great Gatsby 1926

Baz Luhrmann will be the latest filmmaker to try to put his stamp on The Great Gatsby when his Jay Z-scored, Leonardo DiCaprio-starring 3D confection hits theaters next month. But he’s far from the first to try and translate the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic to the big screen. Just one year after the original novel was published in 1925, Paramount Pictures and Herbert Brenon put a silent film adaptation in theaters.

Like most other silent pictures of the era, the bulk of the film has long since been lost. (Common estimates say 90% of silent films have been lost.) ¬†Fitzgerald likely wouldn’t have minded much; he and his wife Zelda found it so intolerable they walked out of the movie. But fortunately for curious cinephiles, the trailer, at least, has survived long enough to hit YouTube. Watch it after the jump.

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