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Hello Kitty is getting her own movie from Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. The popular cartoon character from Japanese company Sanrio has been around since the ’70s, and lent her visage to a cavalcade of merchandise. Now, she’ll grace the silver screen, at which point she might remind audiences that she’s not actually a cat (weird, right?). There are no more details than that, and it’s not even clear if this will be an animated movie, or live action. I’m hoping for live-action, and I hope Glenn Close plays the character so she can finally get that Oscar. More on the Hello Kitty movie below.

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Toys That Made Us Season 2 Trailer

Netflix has an endless amount of great documentary programming in their streaming library and you really have to go our of your way to find much of it. But one documentary series that has really entertained audiences taps right into the sweet nostalgia spot by chronicling the history of the popular toys that we all love so much.

The Toys That Made Us debuted last winter and had four episodes focusing on the toylines for Star Wars, Barbie, G.I. Joe and He-Man. Now the series is coming back for a second season, and this time the show will be taking a close look at LEGO, Star Trek, Transformers and Hello Kitty. There are some fascinating insights into the creation of these toy lines, and even the most die hard collector might learn a thing or two. Read More »

Hello Kitty Movie Now in Development

Hello Kitty movie

No global brand is safe from Hollywood. The latest iconic character to get the big screen treatment comes from Japan as the lifestyle Sanrio has struck a movie deal for their popular creation Hello Kitty to hit cinemas around the world sometime in 2019.

The brand can be seen all over the world, turned into stuffed animals, backpacks, shirts, and there’s been several animated television series geared towards kids. So it was inevitable that the character would jump to the big screen. Find out more about the Hello Kitty movie after the jump. Read More »