If a bright orange screaming cat has crossed your path in the past few months, you can thank Sam Smith. The Nashville-based artist (who makes art under the pseudonym Sam’s Myth when he’s not playing drums for Ben Folds) came up with the above image that Janus Films used in their theatrical re-release campaign for Nobuhiko Ôbayashi’s 1977 cult film House. In addition to the famous image (which also adorns t-shirts, stickers and more), Smith has been designing posters for IFC Films releases like Carlos and Shoah and did the recent Criterion artwork for House as well as Everlasting Moments and Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, with more on the way.

His home base, however, is the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee and that’s where Smith will have his first art exhibit starting Thursday. Sam’s Myth – Film Posters is the name of the show which opens from 5-8 p.m. December 2 and remains on display through the end of the month during regular theater hours. Over 20 pieces of art are part of the exhibit, most of which were designed specifically for screenings at the Belcourt, much like Mondo does with the Alamo Drafthouse or Tommy Good does with the Astor Theatre. See a big gallery of images after the jump as well as details on where you can buy some and more. Read More »


I’m thankful for the Criterion Collection nearly every day, but especially on a slow weekend before Comic Con. This week Criterion finally announced a slate of October releases, which includes a couple of highly anticipated pressings. Finally we’ll get Criterion editions of Stanley Kubrick‘s Paths of Glory and the absolutely insane 1977 Japanese haunted house movie Hausu. And the collection continues its love affair with Ingmar Bergman and Wes Anderson with releases of The Magician and The Darjeeling Limited. Read More »


It’s a crazy, mixed up world and we are all thankful for movies, new and old, that offer proof. After the jump, we’ll examine trailers stuffed with images and ideas so nuts they could make a turkey turn crimson. For example, one for the new independent film, Black Devil Doll, about a murderous black power enthusiast who is deep-fried in prison, only to return by way of Quija Board in the shape of an anthropomorphic, horny dummy. I’ve seen the film. It exists and belongs behind bars. Also discussed are Gone With the Pope (horribly awesome trailer of oh nine?), the new in-flight, creature feature Altitude, and Hausu, the wacky Japanese cat-horror classic being blessed by Janus Film/Criterion.

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