Rob Zombie‘s MySpace account handlers have been getting busy with the H2 image posting of late. This morning, not only did the MySpacemeisters post a new picture of Shape-looking Shatner-masked Mike Meyers lurking about in a basement, they also seemed to slip and slap up a second, altogether more interesting image of Myers in his tramp rags, coming face to face with a rather interesting young character…

Of course, that image only lasted a matter of seconds on the site before being yanked… but caches are wonderful things, and after the break, I’ll present both of the pictures to you.

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First Look: H2: Halloween 2 Teaser Footage


The first footage from Rob Zombie‘s H2 (Halloween 2) has appeared on Entertainment Tonight and it’s actually worth a look. Not only does the clip briefly reveal the new mask for Tyler Mane‘s Michael Myers (look in the mirror), but it contains flashbacks/nightmare imagery of Young Michael Myers wearing the cheap-o clown suit from Zombie’s prior film.

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gi joe super bowl

Steve from Collider is a good friend of mine. At least a few times a week we talk about upcoming movies, TV shows, what gossip each of us have heard, and anything else we might find exciting. Since a number of our conversations cover things you also might find interesting, we’ve decided to start recording certain conversations as video blogs. Past video blogs have included The Future of the Batman Film Franchise, The Box Office Prospects of Watchmen and thoughts on the first 46 Minutes of Pixar’s Up.

We were recently talking about some of the movies coming out this summer and realized we should do some video blogs about the 2009 Summer Movie season. We were a little too ambitious, and thought we could squeeze two months worth of films into one blog, but as usually happens, we ran out of time. So the first three parts of our Summer movie preview were posted last week (you can watch part one here , part two here, and part three here). In part 3, we take a look at the movies of August 2009: GI Joe, When in Rome, Taking Woodstock, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Inglourious Basterds, Final Destination: Death Trip 3D, H2. Please leave your thoughts on the movies of August 2009 in the comments below.

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[No photo]

The above photo shows actor Tyler Mane reprising Michael Myers in Rob Zombie‘s H2: Halloween 2 and arrives via a new tipster batch sent to Shock. While it’s difficult to make out the face, the guy is rocking long locks and a huge beard (!), features never previously associated with the horror icon. Over the weekend, many /Film commenters had it out over the superiority of Zombie’s Halloween compared to Platinum Dunes’s limp F13th, and it seems that Zombie will continue to excavate canon and pave new ground in the sequel. Cool by me. Also of note, actor Daeg Faerch who played a young, blond Myers in the first film reports that he has been recast in the sequel due to height issues. He is bummed.

The blog Rated-M also managed to get photos from the film’s set, and they reveal two things: there will be Halloween decorations and vibes aplenty (horror fans cited a lack thereof in the first film), and the biography on Myers by an opportunistic Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell), The Devil Walks Among Us, will play into the plot as well.

More set pics after the jump…

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The gory image above is our first clear look at Laurie Strode, once again played by actress Scout Taylor-Compton, in H2: Halloween 2. Nice chipped teeth, eh? As you’ll recall, Strode is the (formerly) estranged sister of slasher Michael Myers, and according to horror visionaire Rob Zombie, “let’s just say this is the best part of her stay [at the hospital]. The worst is yet to come.” It will be interesting to see how Zombie’s sequel deviates from the original underrated 1981 follow-up, which was co-written and ghost-edited by The Shape’s creator, John Carpenter, and also set partially in a hospital to creepy effect. On his blog, Zombie has ended speculation about actor Malcolm McDowell reprising the pivotal character, Dr. Loomis, confirming that “he’s back and ready to deal with Big Mike.”As we’ve mentioned, H2 is due with the quickness this August and is now shooting in the state of Georgia.

After the jump: Hunter’s lengthy rant on the complete disappoinment and failure that was Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th, and Platinum Dunes’ annoying reign over horror icons vs. Rob Zombie’s polarizing Halloween and interpretation of Michael Myers. No friggin’ contest!

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With Jason Voorhees likely to receive a bloody good welcome this weekend for his Platinum Dunes revamp, Michael Myers will have to settle with a new teaser poster for H2, the sequel to that oh-so-polarizing of horror remakes, Rob Zombie’s Halloween. According to Shock, Zombie will begin filming shortly in Georgia to meet the release date seen above. And the film now has an official site.

Meanwhile, Malcolm McDowell, whose uneven and halfhearted take on Dr. Loomis was one of the only problems I had with Zombie’s graphic and feral vision—would naysayers really prefer another sequel with Busta Rhymes?—offered an update to a tipster at AICN. McDowell admits to still having never viewed John Carpenter‘s original masterpiece (weird, right?) and says that reprising the role will come down to the Weinsteins agreeing to his fee. He added that the sequel picks up two months after the first film and finds Loomis “in the middle of a book tour.” Read More »