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If you’re jonesing for some new Creepshow and can’t wait until season 2, Shudder has you covered. An animated Creepshow Halloween special will air on the horror streaming service this October, bringing stories by Stephen King and son Joe Hill to life with the voice talents of Kiefer Sutherland and Joey KingCreepshow TV series creator Greg Nicotero directs.

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creepshow season 2 video

Things are very stressful right now, so what better way to relax than by looking at a terrifying giant spider? To be fair, this isn’t a real spider, but a giant spider puppet from Creepshow season 2. The horror series had to shut down production due to coronavirus, but creator Greg Nicotero was nice (?) enough to post an up close and personal look at the creepy-crawly prop.

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Greg Nicotero is a prominent genre mainstay responsible for reinvigorating mainstream horror as an executive producer, special make-up effects supervisor, and primary director for AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, his prolific work extends decades before the show’s rise to meteoric fame. He got his start working under Tom Savini on Day of the Dead, where a lifelong friendship was born. It’s that friendship that made Nicotero a perfect fit for his executive producer role on Shudder’s new documentary Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini, available to stream now.

For its release, we chatted with Nicotero on the documentary, lessons learned for Shudder’s second season of Creepshow, and his legacy as a well-regarded special make-up effects artist.

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Before Greg Nicotero was an executive producer on AMC’s The Walking Dead, he was a co-founder of the legendary KNB special make-up effects studio. And before that gig saw him applying his talents to hundreds of movies and television shows, he worked under legendary make-up guru Tom Savini and iconic horror director George Romero on 1985’s Day of the Dead. Shortly after that, he would apply his talents to Creepshow 2 in 1987, which is appropriate enough – before he even entered the industry in a professional capacity, he visited the set of Romero’s 1982 horror masterpiece Creepshow, which was written by horror royalty Stephen King.

And now it all comes together. Later this month, AMC’s Shudder streaming service will debut a new take on Creepshow, a streaming TV series where each episode tells two gnarly horror tales from two different directors. Nicotero directed one episode, an adaptation of King’s short story “Gray Matter,” but he also ran the entire operation as an executive producer, a gig that ignited his passions. It was his chance to pay tribute to the late Romero and King (who gave the project his blessing and more), to bring in old friends and mentors like Tom Savini to direct episodes, and to offer a platform to beloved horror icons and newcomers alike.

While visiting the set of Creepshow earlier this year, we sat down with Nicotero for an extended chat about the new series, a passion project powered by practical effects, gallons of fake blood, and giddy love of the horror genre.

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The creators of the new Creepshow series coming the Shudder streaming service know their audience. They know they probably like the original 1982 movie from director George Romero and writer Stephen King. They know they’re almost certainly major horror nerds, since they’re paying for a horror-centric streaming service. So they’re catering directly to them.

The new Creepshow is a show for horror fans by horror fans. And you know what that means. Easter eggs references. Lots and lots of easter eggs and references. Here’s what we learned while visiting the show’s Atlanta, Georgia set earlier this year.

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Two things are immediately clear when you walk around the set of Creepshow, the Shudder streaming service’s continuation of the classic 1982 George Romero film. First: everyone is exhausted. Second: everyone wouldn’t have it any other way.

Executive producer Greg Nicotero decided early on that each episode of the series would feature two stories from different directors, some established and some new. And that each episode would feature recognizable actors, some new to horror and some nothing short of icons of the genre. And that each episode would focus on practical effects and make-up inspired by the original movie and other ’80s classics. And oh, yeah: each episode would be filmed in three-and-a-half days on a small budget, a choice that ran crews ragged but also resulted in a gleeful energy that radiated behind the eyes of everyone we spoke to when we visited the Atlanta, Georgia set earlier this year.

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1982’s Creepshow is a perfect gem of a horror movie. Legendary filmmaker George Romero directing a screenplay written by Stephen King that acts as a tribute to gnarly horror comics, complete with ghastly color schemes and outrageous gore? It’s a perfect thing, really. How do you even attempt to recreate that lightning in a bottle?

So AMC’s Shudder streaming service can’t help but tempt fate with its new take on Creepshow, a streaming television series in which each episode tells two nasty horror tales from different filmmakers, some newcomers and some horror legends. But if you’re going to tempt fate, you might as well bring in some heavy-hitters to even the odds.

Special effects maestro, director, and The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero leapt at the opportunity to spearhead the new Creepshow series as soon as the opportunity was available. When we visited the Atlanta, Georgia set of the show earlier this year, he explained how the whole thing came together and why this project, above so many others, is truly personal for him.

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creepshow tv series featurette

One of my most-anticipated pieces of entertainment for 2019 is Shudder’s new Creepshow TV series. Showrunner Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) is bringing the spirit of George Romero and Stephen King’s horror anthology film to the AMC-owned streaming service, with a wealth of talent lined-up to make it happen. In a new Creepshow TV seres featurette, Nicotero talks about his history with Creepshow, and his excitement about the upcoming show.

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creepshow TV show cast

Shudder’s Creepshow TV series just announced new cast members for its Stephen King-inspired episode, and the names won’t disappoint. Giancarlo Esposito, an actor who is in almost everything, most notably Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul; Tobin Bell, famous for the Saw series; and, perhaps most exciting, horror royalty Adrienne Barbeau. Barbeau’s addition is especially momentous because she also appeared in the original Creepshow movie. The three will star in an adaptation of King’s short story “Gray Matter”, directed by Creepshow showunner Greg Nicotero.

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Creepshow TV series First Look

The Creepshow TV series has begun filming, and executive producer Greg Nicotero just provided the first look at the horrors that await us all. The image features the new and improved version of The Creep, the ghostly figure spotted at the beginning of the Creepshow movie. There, the “character” was little more than a puppet (that eventually turned into a cartoon). Here, it appears to be someone in great special effects make-up, or a realistic animatronic. In either case, I’m excited. See the Creepshow TV series first look below.

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