King of the Hill Revival

In recent years, many shows from the past have been given revivals. Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, Reno 911!, Roseanne, Animaniacs, and more have all reinvigorated fan favorite shows whose time in the sun had seemingly run out. Soon we may be able to add another animated revival to the list.

Writer Brent Forrester has revealed that King of the Hill co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels are in the middle of “hot negotiations” to bring back the animated series that originally aired on FOX for 13 seasons. Read More »

Space Force Season 2 Ordered

The first season of the Netflix’s comedy series Space Force starring Steve Carell feels like it premiered years ago, but it only hit the streaming service back at the end of May this year. Netflix doesn’t often take long to renew their hit shows, but in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it seems like maybe some numbers needed to be crunched to figure out whether the show was worth bringing back for a second season. That’s probably why the series will be moving production to Vancouver instead of Los Angeles now that Netflix has officially ordered Space Force season 2. Read More »

Space Force Season 2

Netflix released the entire first season of the new comedy series Space Force this past weekend. The debut didn’t fare too well with critics, landing only a 39% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a disappointed review from yours truly, but the audience score is currently at 76% with over 750 ratings so far. Regardless of the reception, co-creator Greg Daniels is hoping to get a few more seasons to play around with the antics of the newest branch of the military tasked with getting boots on the moon, especially since the first season concludes with a couple big cliffhangers. Read More »

Space Force Review

The last time actor Steve Carell and writer/producer Greg Daniels teamed up, it resulted in The Office on NBC, a show that initially stumbled in the shadow of its British predecessor but became one of the greatest television comedies of the 21st century.  Now Carell and Daniels have ventured out on their own with Space Force, an original workplace comedy coming to Netflix that takes a cue from the real life creation of a space warfare branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Unfortunately, while the series literally shoots for the moon, it has a hard time staying focused in a number of ways, from a fluctuating, inconsistent comedic tone to meandering, insignificant sideplots. It’s not a complete mess, but it certainly doesn’t feel ready for launch. Read More »

Space Force Trailer

Netflix’s new comedy series Space Force reunites The Office executive producer Greg Daniels with the workplace comedy’s star Steve Carell in a send-up of the wild endeavor of the Donald Trump presidency to create a branch of the military dedicated to colonizing the moon and creating an intimidating presence in space. The first teaser trailer left something to be desired with a disappointing lack of jokes. But this new Space Force trailer is a vast improvement, even if it does have a couple big comedic whiffs. Read More »

Space Force Trailer

The Space Force is very much a real thing that the current presidential administration somehow thinks is important and necessary. It’s also a solid concept for comedy, or at least that’s what Netflix thought when they picked up the aptly titled Space Force series from The Office co-creator Greg Daniels and the show’s former star and producer Steve Carell. Unfortunately, the first Space Force trailer makes the show look like as much of a shitshow as the idea of creating a real Space Force. Read More »

space force premiere

Get ready to head to space…from the safety of your own home. Netflix’s Space Force, a new series co-created by The Office alumnus Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, takes one of the 10 bajillion stupid ideas from a certain someone who shall remain nameless, and turns it into comedy. Carell plays a general tasked with getting the newly created Space Force off the ground…and onto the moon. Netflix just announced a premiere date for the show, and released a slew of first-look images.

Read More »

Upload trailer - Robbie Amell

Earlier this year, Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur wrapped up the final season of The Good Place, his brilliant series about what happens to a group of people after they die. Now the other co-creator of Parks and Rec, Greg Daniels, is premiering his own show about the afterlife – but this one has a technological twist.

Daniels’ new Amazon Prime Video series, Upload, is a science fiction comedy about a dying man whose consciousness is uploaded into a virtual reality environment. Trust me, it’s funnier than that description makes it sound. Check out the trailer below.
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the office reboot

The Office might be re-opening its doors. In the era of TV reboots and remakes — and when The Office is one of the most popular streaming properties — it’s no surprise that NBC is looking back fondly at its beloved Emmy-winning sitcom. Chatter about The Office reboot has been ongoing since last year, but with its stars onto bigger things, it seemed unlikely. But an intriguing new development comes from series creator Greg Daniels, who may have “an idea” for The Office reboot.

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The Office Streaming Rights

Yesterday brought the upsetting news that Netflix would be losing the streaming rights to NBC’s hit sitcom The Office at the beginning of 2021. The deal for the popular workplace mockumentary comedy series is up at the end of 2020, and while there was talk of possibly sharing streaming rights, NBCUniversal walked away with the exclusive rights to stream the series on their forthcoming subscription streaming service. And they paid a hefty $500 million to get the show for five years. Find out how it all went down below. Read More »