The so-called “battle of the sexes” has been a popular artistic theme since the dawn of time, but only occasionally does that “battle” turn genuinely bloody. Austin Chick‘s SXSW thriller Girls Against Boys is one of those cases.

Danielle Panabaker stars as sweet Shae, who’s dumped by one man and then date-raped by another in short order. In her time of need, she turns to a co-worker (Nicole LaLiberte) whose idea of help involves tracking down and killing the bastard. Before long, the pair are eagerly dispatching all the men who’ve wronged them. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Be it Sundance, Toronto or South by Southwest, some of the most exciting films to play in any film festival these days are part of the midnight line up. That’s where festivals feel comfortable playing the over the top genre stuff and, last year, SXSW’s midnight schedule included films like Attack the Block, Insidious and Kill List. Now the 2012 schedule has been announced.

The main schedule is already cool enough, featuring the world premieres of fantastic films like The Cabin in the Woods and 21 Jump Street, but at midnight, they’re adding to that with the world premieres of [REC] 3: Genesis, Girls Against Boys and The Tall Man with Jessica Biel. They’ll also screen the awesome anthology V/H/S, John Dies at the End and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders with Clive Owen, just to name a few.

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