Snake Eyes

Update: We’ve updated this story with a second image (seen above), and a higher resolution version of the first image (below).

Snake Eyes

Paramount has released the first photo of Ray Park as Snake Eyes from the upcoming live action G.I. Joe movie.

So what do you guys think? Is the live action Snake Eyes as bad ass as you imagined? Can he save the live action GI Joe film from doom? Comment Below!

First Look: G.I. Joe Movie Logo

GI Joe Logo

The official logo for Paramount’s G.I. Joe live-action movie has been found at Toy Fair in New York City. You can take a look at the full banner at MTV or Hisstank. I spent a good half an hour cleaning up the image, so that it looks presentable online. I’m sure Paramount will issue an official digital graphic this week. The official studio plot synopsis follows:

“From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite co-ed GI JOE team, based from it’s headquarters The Pit, deploys the latest in next-gen spy and military equipment to fight crooked arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious COBRA organization from plunging the world into chaos.”

G.I. Joe will invade theaters on August 7th 2009.

Discuss: Are you angry that they didn’t use the classic “Real American Hero” logo?

GI Joe: Destro Gets Recast

A bunch of websites are reporting that the live-action GI Joe movie starts shooting today, but that’s actually not the case. The film begins shooting on Wednesday.

And now IESB is reporting that unforeseen VISA problems will prevent David Murray from playing the villainous Destro. The studio found a quick last minute replacement (which is always a good sign for any movie production): Chris Eccleston, a British actor best known for playing Dr. Who and in America as Claude (the Invisible Man) on the NBC television series Heroes.


The G.I. Joe casting news marches on, blankly. The main villain in the film, the silver-headed Destro, will be played by theater actor David Murray [], previously seen in Batman Begins as…”Jumpy Thug.” A face you will recognize, actor Dennis Quaid‘s, is now set for General Hawk, the unkempt elder leader of the Joes. There’s your marquee value. The Cobra-backed villain, Zartan, who is a dead ringer for the old school wrestler the Ultimate Warrior, will be played by South African actor Arnold Vosloo []. How much more of this do we have to take? In what seems like a move directed at all of the Internet moaning, G.I. Joe creator Larry Hama [latinoreview] has signed on as a consultant to the film. Late, much?

Three years have passed since her last forgotten supernatural mystery, The Forgotten, so the lovely and veddy talented Julianne Moore is set to top-line a new $25 million supernatural mystery entitled Shelter. Plot details are under wraps, but Swedish directors Mans Barlind and Bjorn Stein are aboard. Peter and John are not.

The Weinstein Co. liked how Dario Argento‘s latest film and his first in the English language, Giallo, was coming together, so the company is distributing the film theatrically in the United States. Wild-eyed stars Vincent Gallo and Ray Liotta will face off bathed in the director’s stylish color palette. More details on the film here.

Freshly detached in the press from the next Jack Ryan vehicle, director Phillip Noyce (Sliver, Patriot Games), is now officially unattached to helm the untitled Amelia Earhart biopic starring Hilary Swank. Noyce was torn between waiting out delays in filming and directing Mary Queen of Scots with Scarlett Johansson in the titular role. Scarlett > Swank.

AICN apparently has an ear to the howls coming from the set of The Wolf Man, which director Mark Romanek just left. Among the directors now rumored to take over the film, which begins filming in February (rush!), is Brett Ratner [lightning crashes, birds fly backwards]. Earlier we reported that Cloverfield‘s Matt Reeves has also been mentioned.

More quiet vacuum cleaning of the past days’ news after the jump…

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Channing Tatum Confirmed for G.I. Joe’s Duke?

Eleven days ago, the character of Duke in Stephen Sommers‘s much hated-on G.I. Joe was said to be down to three actors: Lost‘s Matthew Fox, Fantastic 4‘s Chris Evans and Channing Tatum from the upcoming MTV-does-Iraq-War flick Stop-Loss. AICN now says that Tatum is definitely Duke.

Tatum is 27, he was born in Alabama and if you’ve recognized him in anything it was probably the wobbly Shia LaBeouf flick A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints or the rare, naughty Anne Hathaway debacle Havoc. Slashfilm’s resident diehard G.I. Joe fan, Peter, is returning from Sundance shortly, so I’ll let him unleash the expletive-barking hounds of hell on this casting truthiness if he feels it necessary, but to me, Tatum is fine. I’ve seen the movies above, and I’ve seen him pop out a tear in the trailer to Stop-Loss, and all I really needed to see was the above photo to know he’s fine for this role.

Sommers coming aboard automatically zapped this movie into low-brow Cartoon Land, and no actor this side of George Clooney or Josh Brolin was going to save it. Tatum can pull off the role of an arrogant, affable cocky co-leader with a large firearm hanging off his shoulder. Let’s just hope he doesn’t bump into Rambo from Rambo because that would take more than the crime cleanup crew from Sunshine Cleaning to wipe up with a sponge and broom.

Producer Tries to Defend G.I. Joe; Fails

GI Joe

IESB had the lucky chance to chat with G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura the day after the third (or is it fourth?) fan backlash against the live action big screen adaptation (Coincidence, I think not!). If you haven’t been following, yesterday it was announced that Marlon Wayans was cast as Ripcord (Boooo!) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in negotiations to join the film (YAY!). di Bonaventura attempts to defend the Waynes decision by telling us that there wasn’t a “person who didn’t think it was a no-brainer.” Ummm What?:

“When we were trying to figure out who would be the right element to make this combination work of Duke as the leader and Ripcord as the best friend who sorta gets Duke in trouble all the time and Duke has to bail him out all the time and have fun with him, we needed a guy who’s gonna be funny and we needed a guy who was going to be a good actor. And we went to Marlon and said, “We’d love to talk to you.” And he’s a gigantic GI Joe fan and immediately asked, “is Cobra in it, is Destro in it?” I mean before he even got to read the script he was so much fun to talk to because he understood what it was. So he got it immediately, and when we did the test.”

“It was frankly the easiest casting decision we’ve made in the movie once we saw the test.”

“…He’s playing a military character who’s got some real good quips but he’s got to be good, he’s got to be physical, and I mean Marlon is a strapping guy, he’s got good size to him. So, I think the fans will feel, when they see him, that he is playing the solider that they anticipate anyone from the G.I. Joe group to be.

Other tidbits include:

  • They have not yet cast Destro but have narrowed the list down to about 4 or 5 names: “All of them are of the English, Irish, Scottish persuasion shall we say.”
  • Destro, Zartan and Hawk will be announced in the next two weeks.
  • “In the comic book, you don’t know where the location of the Pit [G.I. Joe headquarters] is. So, the idea that it’s based in Brussels is false, the idea that it is a European base or an international kind of organization is false. It is the G.I. Joe Organization.”
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to play a Villain role
  • “Duke is absolutely the embodiment of what the pre-83 Joe is. And what the pre-83 Joe is The Real American Hero”
  • They again have the U.S. Army’s support.
  • “There is an international aspect, we’re travelling around, we’re going to be a lot of places and it’s going to be really fun, it doesn’t make it an international…it isn’t the fear that everyone is having, we just want to have different places around the world to give the movie scope.”
  • They are not currently planning for a sequel or spin-off film.
  • Assumption is that the movie will be PG-13, but definitely not R (Read: could possibly be PG).

Shooting begins in a mere five weeks but di Bonaventura is making idiotic statements like “we’re looking at it from a budgetary standpoint and how many characters can we afford.” Doesn’t sound good to me. But don’t worry Joe fans, Lorenzo promises that “if you’re a Joe vs. Cobra fan, then you will be feel incredibly happy about the movie.” I’ve always wanted to “feel happy” about a movie…

You can read the full interview on IESB.

I really want to be excited for Paramount’s big screen Live Action adaptation of G.I. Joe, but Stephen Sommers is doing everything he can to turn off the key fanbase.

First Sienna Miller was cast in the film, a groan inducing announcement heard around the world. Storyline points leaked to the web and caused so much anger among fans that Hasbro had to make a public statement in an attempt to reassure the key fanbase. Then the tide began to turn when we announced exclusively that Ray Park (formerly Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode I) had been cast in the role of Snake Eyes. Fans around the world were ecstatic, as Parks was a number one fan favorite for the role. A few more announcements were made, none of which seemed to elicit excitement or disappointment from the fans.

But I have bad and good news for you today. We’ll go with the bad first:

Marlon Wayans has signed on to play Ripcord in the upcoming film. Ripcord, real name Wallace A Weems, is the leader of the military unit and first appeared in February 1985 issue of the comic book series. That’s right, the guy responsible for all the horrible Scary Movie films… The guy whose last few starring roles included Norbit, Little Man, and White Chicks. This can’t be good news for anyone out there besides Wayans and his family. I honestly can not think of a worse person to be cast in this film.

On to the good news: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in negotiations to join the cast. Former childhood comic actor Gordon-Levitt has of recent years made a good name for himself in the indie film arena (Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Lookout).

G.I. Joe starts shooting in Los Angeles next month, and is scheduled to hit theaters on August 7th 2009.

source: Variety

GI Joe: Storm Shadow and Scarlett Cast

Two new bits of GI Joe Casting have just hit the interwebs before the upcoming Holiday week.

IESB is reporting that Korean star Byung-hun Lee has been cast as Storm Shadow (aka Tommy S. Arashikage), Snake-Eye’s (Ray Park) brother and rival. He is the only member of the GI Joe team to switch sides several times.

LatinoReview is reporting that Rachel Nichols (Charlie Wilson’s War, Alias) has been cast as Scarlett O’Hara. Ranked Master Sergeant, red-headed Scarlett is the first female character in the GI Joe action figure line. Her weapon of choice is the crossbow, and her specialty is counter intelligence.

G.I. Joe is scheduled to hit theaters on August 7th 2009.

Page 2: December 15th 2007

I’ve written 29 news stories in the last 48 hours, yet, believe it or not, wasn’t able to get to everything I’ve wanted to show you. I usually let go of these “missed opportunities”. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. But I’ve decided to make it a new years resolution (yes, an early one) to compile some these passed over gems in a new “Page 2” link blog. Basically, Page 2 will contain all the news not fit to print. I’m not sure how often I’ll be doing this, but we’ll see. You are reading the introduction to the first edition. Don’t turn away and don’t underestimate their value, some good links can be found below.

Emmy Rossum (Poseidon), Eriko Tamura (Heroes), and newcomer Joon Park (Speed Racer) have joined the cast of 20th Century Fox’s live-action adaptation of Dragon Ball Z. Meh! [THR]

Principal Photography has wrapped on Punisher: War Zone. More Meh! [SHH]

James Bond star Daniel Craig might have inadvertently given away the title to the upcoming Casino Royale sequel. Rumor has it that the film will be titled “007” because, as Craig explained “the first movie dealt with him earning his 00 status and now he is 007 for the first time”. [AICN]

Universal has put the Smokin Aces‘ direct-to-DVD prequel on hold until the writers strike is over. Apparently the studio’s budget of the current script draft came in at $17 million, which isn’t too far off from the original theatrical film. When the strike is over, the writers will be brought back in to do some chopping. Joe Carnahan writes: “We’ve already made contact with most of the actors we want to return but we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeve and some surprises.” [SmokinJoe]

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the screenwriters are on strike. Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody has found a way to spend some of her free time. She will now be writing a weekly column in Entertainment Weekly called Binge Thinking (clever). The first column is about Juno’s unexciting press tour. And better yet, you can read it online for free. Hey, it’s better than Stephen King’s column (as if that’s an accomplishment). Congrads to Diablo on the new gig. [EW]

John Singleton
has been confirmed as the director of the big screen adaptation of The A-Team. Just what we need, another bad television adaptation. [cine]

Jessica Simpson
‘s latest movie is such a stinker, it’s being released direct to DVD. [Perez]

Wizard Magazine cast Ray Park as Snake Eye in their version of a live-action G.I. Joe movie nearly seven years ago. [TMB]

Did You Know: In the late-1980’s, Pixar was developing a the Oscar winning short film Tin Toy into a christmas special titled “A Tin Toy Christmas.” The project got shelved but later became the inspiration for Toy Story. [Jim Hill]

The X-Files 2 is now in production, and set photos are beginning to leak. Check out this new one of David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. [CS]

The Lost Boys 2 writer Hans Rodionoff is working on a four-issue limited comic book series for Wildstorm on the Frog Bros. Rodionoff says, the series will “bridge the movies together – what Edgar and Alan Frog were doing between the first movie and the second one. We’ll get to play with Haim’s character a little bit.” I’m in. [Shock]

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Sienna Miller to Ruin GI Joe

Sienna Miller

I’ve said from the beginning that a live-action GI Joe movie has the potential to be a great action flick, or a cheesy unintentionally funny disaster. With Mummy director Stephen Sommers attached, I’ve been leaning towards the latter, while secretly wishing for the former. And the script rumors that have leaked lead to Hasbro issuing a public statement to fans, hoping to assure them that “we know what we’re doing.” But today Paramount has announced the first casting in the August 7th 2009 tentpole, and it doesn’t look good.

Sienna Miller

You might recognize her from the tabloids and gossip sites. Miller will play the female lead which is being described as “a raven-haired baroness and sexy femme fatale skilled in espionage.” Ugh…