Ghostheads Trailer

There’s a sect of Ghostbusters fans who have been pretty nasty about the reboot of the 1984 classic that’s coming this summer. Not everyone who isn’t excited about the new movie is being vicious about it, but there’s certainly a very vocal, unnecessarily hateful group who are giving fans of Ivan Reitman‘s movie a bad name. Thankfully, a new documentary shows that they’re not all like that.

Ghostheads is a film that looks at Ghostbusters fandom around the world, shining a light on all the charity work by¬†various chapters of fans who use their love of the iconic movie to bring some joy to children’s hospitals, struggling families and more. It looks a bit hammy, but also very touching. Plus, it features interviews with all the right Ghostbusters people, including Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and more.

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Ghostbusters documentary

There are legions of Ghostbusters fans around the world, and while some of them have spent their time complaining and bashing the forthcoming reboot of the franchise from director Paul Feig, others are just happy holding on to the original films that touched their lives so many years ago.

Now a new documentary will explore the extreme side of Ghostbusters fandom. The project is called Ghostheads, and it hails from Lee Leshen, the producer of the recent Back to the Future documentary Back in Time. And if you’re a hardcore Ghostbusters fan, this is a project you can get involved with in more ways than one. Read More »