Antebellum clip

Ever since Antebellum came out of nowhere and surprised us with its first trailer in November, we’ve been eager to find out what exactly is happening in this mysterious new horror film. Now that we’re just under a month away from its newly-slated VOD release, Lionsgate is ramping up the movie’s marketing campaign with a new clip which seems to serve as a meta-commentary about the film’s mysterious premise.
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antebellum release vod

Antebellum, the mysterious horror thriller starring Janelle Monáe, is headed to VOD. The pic was originally supposed to open in theaters in April, but the coronavirus ended up making that impossible. After shuffling the date around a bit, Lionsgate has decided to release the film directly to Premium On-Demand release, debuting on all platforms on September 18.

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Antebellum Trailer

The high concept horror thriller Antebellum was pushed back by Lionsgate from the initially planned April release due to the closure of movie theaters around the world. But now that business is starting to resume, and movie theaters could possibly be opening in July, the studio has the movie back on track for a release in August, and they’ve unveiled a new trailer. This new glimpse at the movie seems to offer some slight clarification about Janelle Monáe seemingly traveling in time. Read More »

rapture movie

Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, directors behind the coronavirus-delayed horror movie Antebellum, are already cooking up their next project. It’s called Rapture, and it’s described as an “apocalyptic drama” and “a mind-bending nightmare of Biblical proportions.” Plus: Antebellum now has a new release date in place for this August.

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