In recent times, Adam Scott has sparkled in pop-culture for two masterful performances as manicured, modern cornholios in the Will Ferrell-endorsed comedies Step Brothers and Eastbound & Down. In the former, his character coached an obnoxious wife and kids in a caravan acapella of “Sweet Child of Mine,” while faithfully rocking a Bluetooth headset. In the latter, Scott was a delusional assistant to an assistant of a Major League Baseball team who brags to Kenny Powers that his black AmEx can purchase fellatio from the Jonas Brothers. Ironically, Scott’s character proceeds to offer sex—even with “the kids”—to recruit Powers, a karma-deal that snorts the iconic wind from Powers’s mulleted sails.

On Party Down, one of the strongest and most left-field cable series to debut last year, Scott has managed to be just as funny and biting as the lead amongst a stellar ensemble cast. His character, Henry Pollard, is an out-of-work actor riding out his prime and the recession as an L.A. caterer, a role fleshed out with drama, depression and romance. But I was still surprised to see Scott’s performance in the upcoming indie, The Vicious Kind, which recently earned him an Independent Spirit Awards nom for Best Male Lead. He’s in serious company with Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth for playing a construction worked named Caleb Sinclaire. A self-righteous, aimless man with an estranged father (J.K. Simmons) and a misogynistic albeit amusingly bleak worldview, Caleb sinks to new lows in making a hate-play on his innocent brother’s weary girlfriend (Brittany Snow).

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Over the past eight years, we’ve seen that there are essentially two types of George W. Bush impressions: Those that are skillfully layered (e.g. Josh Brolin’s in W.) and those that venture deep into caricature (e.g. James Adomian in Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Side note: Check out the range in Adomian’s filmography). Of the two, I’d say that Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush probably verges more towards the latter than the former, although I’d be lying if I said his Bush had never wrung a few hearty laughs out of me.

Apparently, Ferrell thinks his Bush impression has potential as well. Ferrell will soon star in “You’re Welcome America,” a 75-minute one-man show which will feature Ferrell playing George W. Bush reminiscing about and defending his administration. Ferrell described his motivation for wanting to bring back one of his best-known impressions for one last run:
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With potential for yet another mind-shattering Republican satire hanging in the balance, Vanity Fair has published the first look at the entire 2003 cabinet in Oliver Stone‘s W. There’s a good overall likeness, sure, but I dig the quirky soap opera-esque caricature Stone seems to be shooting for. What better way to portray the walking jokes and greedy, delusional scumbugs that raped my early 20s?

(L to R) Jeffrey Wright is General Colin Powell, Toby Jones is Karl Rove (even more imp-like), Dennis Boutsikaris is Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Dreyfuss is Dick Cheney (my second fave douche-likeness), Josh Brolin is George W. Bush

(L to R) Thandie Newton is Condoleezza Rice (nice Gremlin eyes), Rob Corddry is Ari Fleischer (my fave), Bruce McGill is George Tenet (smug, much), Scott Glenn is Donald Rumsfeld (theory: doesn’t deserve any likeness)

And here’s a new image we never got around to posting. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure x Sling Blade? Economy permitting, Oliver Stone’s W. opens this October.

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You special kids can stop meddlin’ with your mashed potatoes because the last major bit of casting on Oliver Stone‘s W. is close to a done deal: ass tamale Richard Dreyfuss will play elusive veep Dick Cheney. Wow. There wasn’t any question that Stone was going for the president’s jugular with this biopic, but Dreyfuss adds a bubbly new layer of vitriolic spittle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dubbya chews dip, in both color and Stone’s signature b&w psycho-vision, for the entire running time. Wait, does one chew dip? I guess one dips it.

Moreover, SAG has shined its light on W., giving the Lionsgate production a waiver that allows filming to proceed if/when the strike goes down this summer. Like a ‘roided bull backing into a stable, it seems W. will arrive in theaters this October no matter what, right before the election (oh, that’s not over yet?). And according to the Hollywood Reporter (no linkage) a DVD release is purposely scheduled for Bush’s exit in January. That’s the sound of Indy’s whip!

Dreyfuss joins Josh Brolin as Dubbya, Elizabeth Banks as the smilin’ First Lady, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, Rob Corddry as Ari Fleischer (\m/), Scott Glenn as Donald Rumsfeld, Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush, James Cromwell as Poppa Bush, Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell, Toby Jones as Karl Rove, and America as Captain Happypants.

Discuss: Who was your choice for Cheney? Does Dreyfuss top it? How successful do you think W. will be at the domestic box office? Is the end near? What will Bush do after he leaves office?



Oliver Stone‘s Dubbya biopic W. continues to stack on cast members like intelligent pancakes, with the latest editions being Iaon Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four), who’s in the final stages of signing on to play former British prime minister Tony Blair, and British actress Thandie Newton as Bush’s long-time Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. You may have heard that Rice is now in the running to be presidential hopeful John McCain’s VP running mate, so Newton’s portrayal could become that much more relevant.

Newton played it sort of mean and icy in The Pursuit of Happyness and recently starred in Run Fatboy Run. She’ll also appear in Guy Ritchie’s (remember him?) new, um, Guy Ritchie movie RocknRolla. Stone has not filled in Dick Cheney or Karl Rove but Vulture eavesdropped on a coffee talk between Paul Giamatti and the director not too long ago. The film begins shooting shortly, so expect answers to these questions. Remember answers?

W. Casting Rundown: Josh Brolin/George W. Bush, James Cromwell/Bush Sr., Elizabeth Banks/Laura Bush, Ellen Burstyn/Smoking Hot White Haired Barbara Bush.

UPDATE: HR sent the script out to four Bush biographers. Here’s one of the verdicts. Sounds amazing! “It leaves you with the impression that the White House is run as a fraternity house with no reverence for hierarchy, the office itself or for the implications of policy,” said Robert Draper, author of Dead Certain: The Presidency of George Bush. Here’s another snippet from another biographer: “This notion that [Bush’s] schedule is driven by what’s on ESPN is ludicrous.” Yes! Highlight: The biographers were split on the accuracy of some eye-popping details in the screenplay, including scenes in which Bush nearly crashes a plane while under the influence of alcohol…

Discuss: If an animal had to play Condoleezza Rice instead of a human…go!

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“Want to see my Bush impression?”

UPDATE: EW now reports that Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale) is in talks to star as Colin Powell, James Cromwell (Babe) is in talks to portray George Bush Sr. and Robert Duval (The Godfather) has been contacted for the frightening role of Dick Cheney. This flick is really shaping up. Here’s how the film is being described to insiders:

W is the improbable story of a man who went to the White House despite getting fewer votes than his opponent; who became commander-in-chief despite having avoided military combat himself; and who became the least popular president ever elected to a second term. W will shock and surprise you and leave you questioning everything you believe to be true.”

Idi Amin and Pol Pott just put on scorched parkas and cuddled, because for the first time in my life I find First Lady Laura Bush hot. Actress Elizabeth Banks is in final talks to play the wife of current U.S. President George W. Bush (to be played by Josh Brolin) in Oliver Stone‘s controversial and fast-moving 2009 biopic W. Banks has five films due this year, the most notable being Kevin Smith’s raunchy Zack and Miri Make a Porno with Seth Rogen and least notable being the Eddie Murphy Pluto Nash-esque Meet Dave. Here’s her possible Oscar shot.


W was announced back in January and recent buzz has Brolin as an absolute dead ringer for the 43rd American president. As much as I liked Stone’s Nixon and Anthony Hopkins’s performance therein, the actor’s only passable superficial likeness in the biopic took some convincing, so I’m glad to hear Brolin looks the double-take. Stanley Weiser, who previously collaborated with the director on his classic Wall Street, co-wrote the screenplay with Stone. The role of Vice President Dick Cheney has not been announced.

What do you guys and gals think? Can Banks pull this off? The only drama I’ve seen her in, excluding, you know, the Spider-Man movies, is Daltry Calhoun, but I was too busy cringing at Johnny Knoxville imitating Easy Pieces-era Jack Nicholson to notice her skills. This role is a tall challenge. All of Texas is watching.

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