Stuntman Spills Details on Iron Man 2 and Tintin


It seems that I’m doubting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rather a lot today (after questioning Mike Leigh’s sole credit on screenplays) but I do have a real issue with their lack of recognition for stunt teams. If somebody dies making a film, chances are it was one of the stunt team or, perhaps more to the point, if there’s anticipated risk of death on a film set, we’re definitely talking about the stunt team. Does this alone not warrant a little gold man or two every year?

The Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards do gong-up for the stuntees, though, and the winner of their 2009 award is the incredible Garrett Warren. This ‘Stunt Choreographer of the Year’ has most recently worked on Iron Man 2, Tintin, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar and Mars Needs Moms and is therefore a wonderful treasure trove of mid-scale scoopage.

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