In a particularly delayed case of “you reap what you sow”, the current administration at Sony Columbia are finding a little bit of an issue in some of their legacy contracts from the 80s. I’ve often heard that the three lead actors from Ghostbusters and original director Ivan Reitman have had power of veto over any proposed sequel, but didn’t suppose this would include the film’s director. Where this seems to be an issue right now is that Reitman could really use some gigs, and if he wants Ghostbusters 3, it’s his choice whether or not to insist the job goes to him.

Columbia, of course, would most likely be looking towards a younger director, or at least one with a more exciting catalogue of recent hits. Reitman’s last picture, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, failed in both charming the critics and milking the public so it would be hard to imagine he’s even on the studio’s wishlist for the next ‘Busters picture, let alone heading it up.

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