(Welcome to DTV Descent, a series that explores the weird and wild world of direct-to-video sequels to theatrically released movies. In this edition, we bite down hard on two sequels to Robert Rodriguez’s vampire/crime genre mash-up From Dusk Till Dawn.)

The ’90s were a wild time in Hollywood, and few production companies embodied that like Miramax. There were far bigger crimes going on behind their walls, from assault to the intentional buying and burying of foreign films, but their Dimension label also made a lucrative business out of sequelizing horror movies that really didn’t need a sequel. Children of the Corn, The Crow, Mimic, The Prophecy, and more all became franchises thanks to underwhelming follow-ups that almost exclusively went straight to video. We’ll get to those eventually, but this week’s DTV Descent is about to get busy with some vampires.

Keep reading for a look at the two sequels – okay fine, one’s a prequel, but let’s not get stuck on the details – to Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 action/horror/comedy From Dusk Till Dawn. Do either of them explain why the heroes on the posters are always left-handed? Does Danny Trejo play the same character in all three films? And most importantly, is it true – in a startling break with this column’s track record – that one of these movies is actually pretty damn good?!

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