A couple weeks ago I wrote about Universal’s genius viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Judd Apatow-produced comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which had taken over San Francisco. Signs on buses, bus shelters and billboards with cryptic messages that read “I hate You Sarah Marshall”, “My Mom Always Hated You Sarah Marshall” and “You Don’t Look Fat in Those Jeans Sarah Marshall”, lead those who notice to the viral in movie site I hatesarahmarshall.com.

Love You Tree

It’s actually a very cool campaign, maybe too good. There are so many of these advertisements around San Francisco that a backlash has begun. Last week flyers that look like the Sarah Marshall advertisements have started appearing on trees around the city reading “I’m So Over You Tree”. Another person snapped the photo below of a tree-attached flyer which reads “You Do Look Fat in those jeans tree”.

Tree Jeans

And then graffiti has begun to appear on trees reading “I Love You!” (as seen in the photo below). Although, I’m not entirely sure this is related, but it’s hilarious none the less.


Love You Graffiti

Discuss: Is the Sarah Marshall viral campaign really that annoying? If an advertising campaign can spark this kind of response, than it must be working at least in respect to film awareness.

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Iron Man Standee

BadTaste.it offers us a look at this cool Iron Man promotional standee. I can’t quite tell if this is 3D or just a regular 2D stand-up. Either way it looks way cool.

My Blueberry Nights Poster

Cinematical has a look at the domestic poster for Wong Kar Wai’s English-language debut My Blueberry Nights, which stars Norah Jones, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law and David Strathairn. The film finally hits theaters in the U.S. on April 4th 2008.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The Movie Blog has a look at the international poster for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I love the viral campaign stuff, but that aside, the rest of the marketing for this film is all over the place. It seems very clear that Universal has no idea how to market this film, which is a shame, because it’s a good one. At least with the international poster, the title of the movie is much larger than the combined titled of “Knocked Up” and “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin”…

My Mom Always Hated You Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Bus

Universal is really trying to push the viral marketing campaign for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I’m back home in San Francisco, and decided to grab a sandwich at AK Meats (the best sandwich place in the city) when I noticed the billboard on the side of the MUNI Bus did not read “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” but instead read “My Mom Always Hated You Sarah Marshall!” I thought to myself, “that’s a pretty unique way to market a movie.” Aside from the MPAA required R-Rating sticker, there is no indication that these advertisements are for a film release.

Bus Shelter Forgetting Sarah Marshall

On the way back home I noticed another ad on one of the bus shelters, this one read: “You Do Look Fat in Those Jeans Sarah Marshall!” A website address on the bottom of the ads points those interested for more information to IHateSarahMarshall.com.


BillboardIHateSarahMarshall.com brings you to the blog of Peter Bretter, the fictional character Jason Segel plays in the feature film. Bretter explains in his latest blog entry that he used the money that he had spent on her engagement ring to buy every available billboard around town. (“That’s right Sarah I was going to propose to you. I was just waiting for the right time. I guess that time is never O’clock in the month of Nev-ruary”). Bretter writes:

“Sarah, I really hope you are un-happy for the rest of your life – that you understand how totally over you I am. That said, you should call me if you want to talk, I can have these things taken down. I haven’t called because you said you needed space, that’s what you wanted. But when you say to someone you need time you should be more specific. How much time? Cause I am still waiting, but not for you. Just for things to get better…”

Billboard 2

I told director Nicholas Stoller that the viral campaign was genius, and he promised more: more blogs and even more websites. Yesterday SarahMarshallFan.com got launched into the game, offering the Perez-like news that Sarah Marshall might have hooked up with Infant Sorrow front man Aldous Snow (played in the film by the brilliant Russell Brand).


Bretter’s blog entries are coming on a daily basis, and for the most part are very well written. My guess is that star/writer Jason Segel contributed to this campaign.  I got a chance to see the film at SXSW, and it is worthy of the Judd Apatow-brand name. Let’s hope that this viral marketing gets people talking, and that people go see this film.

Forgetting a New Muppets Movie

The Muppets

After seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall the other night at SXSW, it was no surprise to me that Disney had hired the star/writer Jason Segel and director Nick Stoller behind Judd Apatow’s latest to develop the next Muppet movie. Segel and Stoller will write the screenplay and Stoller will direct.

A major sequence in Sarah Marshall features a huge vampire love story stageplay acted out with puppets, which were created by the Henson puppeteers. Also at one point Segel’s character also sang/played The Muppet Show theme song on the piano. Segal pitched an idea for a new Muppet movie during a general meeting with executive Kristin Burr.

The early Muppet films were absolutely genius, but the last few failed due to an attempt to dumb down the plot/jokes to appeal to young viewers. I’m sure Segel and Stoller understand what direction to take the franchise, it’s just a question of if Henson/Disney will allow them the chance to actually make it happen.

Discuss: Could Segel and Stoller create another great Muppet movie, or is the Muppet franchise dead?

source: Variety

SXSW Film Festival

It has been a few days since the last time I found a few minutes to blog about my SXSW adventures. And it’s not for a lack of stories or interesting tales. If Sundance was the internet, than SXSW would be Web 2.0. At Sundance everyone is working (well, actually, that isn’t true because the celebs and Hollywood folk party, but most of the journalists are working). At SXSW, the social atmosphere extends throughout the city of Austin, and probably even beyond the city limits. So instead of listing item by item of what has happened since the last update, I have decided instead to talk about the interesting things.

On Saturday, we caught the Harry Potter fandom documentary We Are Wizards, which was somewhat of an enjoyable mess. The documentary consisted of two parts, one which focused on the emerging music genre of Wizard Rock, and another on the legal battle between the fans and Warner Bros. I’ve had a bunch of experience dealing with movie studio legal departments, yet found that whole portion of the documentary to be rather boring. If they were to recut the feature to focus on the Wizard Rock bands, then the film would be much better for it.

American TeenWe then went to the Alamo Lamar to see American Teen again. I had first caught the film at Sundance after it had been recommended to me by Jason Reitman. Teen was not only my favorite movie of Sundance, but also my favorite movie of the year so far. Finally a documentary with real mainstream appeal. American Teen played even better than I remembered it, and the audience actually cheered in parts. Earlier in the day I found out from my Paramount Vantage rep that Hannah was not available for an interview I had requested earlier in the week. Neil at Film School Rejects also was denied. I wonder what happened, as she was clearly in town. Alex from FirstShowing and myself met up with Hannah outside the screening after it had let out. We learned that she is now going to Film School in New York City. I asked if she was working on a screenplay, and she told me that she just started screenwriting classes, and she’ll eventually get to that. I wish her good luck.

We then headed to Alamo Ritz for Explicit Ills, which was god awful. First time director Mark Webber tried to use every gimmicky film school trick over the course of the agonizing effort. I don’t know how many people from the badge line got in, but it seemed to me to be less than 50 people total. The cast and crew packed the theater with their respective entourage, leaving little room for no one else. Today (Tuesday) I learned that the film won the audience award, which is just so mind blowing, because I have yet to meet someone who loved the film. In fact, I didn’t even get a ballot while walking into the theater, although I noticed that most of the entourage did. Actually, Rosario Dawson actually came out onto the stairs and told those waiting in line inside the theater how to vote for the film. She explained that you rip the 5 on the ballot cards, and demonstrated with her card.

We then headed over to the Explicit Ills party, which was really lame. We saw Morgan Spurlock upstairs for a second, and decided to leave and find something better. We met up with one of our favorite publicists and the guys who made Blip Festival: Reformat The Planet, and hung out at the Iron Cactus until 1:59am magically turned into 3:00am. The guys who made the film are really cool, and I hope their film gets bought.

Peter Sciretta, Neil Miller, Kevin Kelly, Brian, Ken Evans, Mel Valentin, Alex Billington and the Blip Festival Guys

On Sunday we woke up late and picked up the incomparable Mel Valentin from the airport, grabbed a pita sandwich, and stood at the end of a very very long line at The Paramount with Doug from The Movie Blog.

I must admit, I only saw The Promotion because of John C Reilly. I love that guy in nearly everything he does. That aside, I was expecting very little, but was blown away. What a great little comedy this is. I hope that The Weinsteins actually put this in a bunch of theaters, although I’m worried that they have no idea how to promote it. The fact that the film is being distributed under their Dimension Films brand is also very odd and concerning. The Paramount Theater is like San Francisco’s Castro Theater but smaller. Even the seats feel like miniature versions. Brian from Rejects and Ken from FirstShowing went over the Seann William Scott, who was taking a few photos with some hot women after the screening. They mentioned they were from some movie websites and would like to get a few photos. Seann said that he doesn’t like photos of himself and that he wasn’t photogenic enough. Yup, total blowoff.

A combination of Alex and Google Maps got us lost on the way to the Gawker Party. Apparently you need to pay close attention to the East and West street signs. We finally made it to the bar hosting the shindig, but found the place to be too small and loud for our tastes. To be fair, I later learned that there was a huge patio in the back, which was the place to be.

We then went to the Alamo Ritz where I posted the new Indiana Jones poster while waiting in line for a special midnight screening of Dance of the Dead. They were giving away free beer, which made for a rowdy and fun crowd. The Alamo does all sorts of cool promotions like this. Later this month they are showing The Leprechaun, and you get a bowl of Lucky Charms and Green Beer with the price of admission. Very cool. The Alamo makes me wish I lived in Austin. Dance of the Dead was incredibly fun. It felt like a self aware early 80’s zombie film. Lots of good gore as well. During the big climax, a big explosion went off on screen, and the Alamo set off a confetti bomb which covered the entire audience. How cool is this theater?

Nicholas Stoller and Peter ScirettaOn Monday we grabbed some sandwiches from some deli place on 6th street, and then headed over the the Forgetting Sarah Marshall premiere party, where they had free food and drinks. Director Nicholas Stoller, and stars Jason Seagal, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand were in attendance. I got to chat with Stoller for a good ten minutes about Undeclared and Judd Apatow. He seemed genuinely excited to be there, and to have a film that was coming out.

Brian from Rejects and myself approached Kristen Bell for photos. I usually avoid the photo thing, but I’m a huge fan of Bell’s former television show Veronica Mars, plus she’s just hot. She gave us the blow off, explaining that she was hungry and was trying to get to the food for the last ten minutes. She was very nice, but I discounted it as a blow off. Five minutes later guess who taps my shoulder. Kristen fucking Bell, asking us if we still wanted to get photos. We talked about Fanboys (as expected, she still has no idea what’s going on) and a couple other things. Bell was wearing three inch heels and was still short. You have no idea how small this girl is until you see her in person close up.

Kristen Bell and Peter Sciretta

Jason Seagal and Peter ScirettaJason Seagal was also pretty cool, and down to earth. While leaving the party we ran into Russell Brand downstairs in the lobby and I approached him and told him how hilarious I thought he was at WonderCon. He stopped whatever he was doing and gave me a genuine “thank you”. We got photos with Brand, and walked over with him to The Paramount theater, inadvertently walking the press line behind him. You might see me and Neil from Rejects in the paparazzi photos from the event.

Russell Brand and Peter Sciretta

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was also much better than expected. I was actually expecting a flop, but the film had a lot of laughs, and had a very heartfelt underlying core. It’s not the best Apatow film, but it’s a lot of fun, much much much better than Harold and Kumar 2.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Premiere

We then spent an hour trying to find something good to eat, but resorted to eating from the late night menu at Champions Sports Bar. We then met up with Muhammad Saleem, a friend of ours from the social web, of whom we had never met in person. We went to the IHeartCavemen Gieco party, which was in a cool bar with three levels. We sat outside under the heat lamps, which provided warmth in the cool night air – a weird mixture I’m not use to. We left the party with a big red gift boxes which includes candles, a candle holder, and some other junk.

I’ll be back tomorrow or Thursday with another update. We send mini updates to Twitter throughout the day, so please follow us and tell your friends. Thanks for reading!

SXSW Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah MarshallPossibly the unfunniest comedy ever made, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is…. Wait, let’s back up. That’s completely backward. Written by actor Jason Segal (Knocked Up Undeclared, Freaks and Geeks), Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the kind of romantic comedy straight men can get behind and not just because Segel unveils his manliness more times than you can count (actually four full-on frontal nudity shots, but who’s keeping count?). Forgetting Sarah Marshall belongs to the sub-genre of romantic comedies that turn on losing then finding love with the “right” person (as opposed to the “right-now” person). It also fits into what one critic or reviewer has called, semi-pretentiously, the “cinema of discomfort” (actually, it was this critic who said that), comedies that center on putting characters in socially awkward situation after socially awkward situation (e.g., Meet the Fockers, Meet the Parents).

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Posters


Judging by the teaser image above, I can’t blame you for mistaking it for The Smurfs Movie, but it’s really the final poster for the Judd Apatow-produced rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The poster tags the movie as “The Ultimate Romantic Disaster Movie” and the design has a lite, slacker-esque feel that is somehow appealing to both sexes. Star Jason Segel, playing a dude who goes to Hawaii to drown his breakup sorrows only to encounter his TV star ex, gets the man-child misery just right.

The full poster is after the jump, and we’ve also attached the recently released teaser-poster that promotes the domain/tonal change of the film’s official site, ILoveSarahMarshall.com, to IHateSarahMarshall.com. I’m still not convinced this flick will be on par with Superbad or Knocked Up, but hey, it beats Fool’s Gold.

Discuss: How aware are you of April’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and does anyone have an ex who later became famous?

Source Link: JoBlo

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Director Nicholas Stoller, star and writer Jason Segel, producer Shauna Robertson, and stars Kristen Bell, Russell Brand, Jack McBrayer and Mila Kunis were at WonderCon to promote Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Judd Apatow was expected to be there but couldn’t make it because he’s sick. The cast had great comic chemistry on stage, and had the audience laughing throughout. Most of the jokes probably wouldn’t translate on the page, so I won’t try to force it upon you. I’m not quite sure if Russell Brand was being himself or playing a character. Either way he’s hilarious.

They showed a six minute clip reel which felt like a really extended trailer with all the funny parts of the film. Not SuperBad, but funny, in an awkward kind of way.

There wasn’t much news relayed during the panel. The only interesting bit involved a fan who asked Kristen Bell about the future of Veronica Mars. Bel said that she would love to reunite with her Veronica Mars co-stars and crew, and that she hears rumors of a movie, but nothing’s definite. She said if it happens, it needs to happen soon, as the cast is all getting a bit older.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Red Band Movie Trailer

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Empire has the Red Band trailer (read: unrated) for the new Judd Apatow comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s not really too different from the theatrical trailer, but includes Kristen Bell in a bikini in a sex scene, which makes it completely worth checking out. I’m still not completely sold on this one, but the last time I said that was with Walk Hard, and I ended up loving that film (too bad no one saw it).

From Undeclared screenwriter Nicholas Stoller, comes the story of Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), who takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). Little does he know Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex… and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend. The film also features Apatow regulars Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and Bill Hader.

Watch the Red Band Movie Trailer Now! 


Forgetting Sarah Marshall hits theaters on May 30th, 2008.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Trailer

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Access Hollywood has the movie trailer for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the new Judd Apatow-produced comedy. From Undeclared screenwriter Nicholas Stoller, comes the story of Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), who takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). Little does he know Sarah’s traveling to the same resort as her ex… and she’s bringing along her new boyfriend. The film also features Apatow regulars Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and Bill Hader.

Apatow is still riding high having produced a streak of popular and critically acclaimed comedies (40-Year-Old-Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Walk Hard). I think everyone is waiting for him to produce a clunker, but it just isn’t happening. If Apatow’s name wasn’t attached to this film I don’t even think I would be interested. I was at the SuperBad premiere screening at Comic Con 2007 when Apatow and crew premiered the trailer for Walk Hard. Everyone I talked to thought it looked like crap.And up until I had seen the red band trailer two weeks ago, I had no faith in the movie what-so-ever. And while I’m not able to review the film until Friday, I will say that I was soooo wrong. So don’t judge the book by the cover on this one (or the movie by the trailer) because one thing is for sure, Judd needs to hire a better editor to cut these previews.

Watch the trailer below.
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